Take Full Control of Your Lighting with the ADJ MYDMX Buddy and MyDMX 2.0 Software


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Unlock the full potential of your DMX lighting with the user-friendly ADJ MYDMX Buddy controller. This compact USB dongle gives you professional-grade DMX control from your laptop and seamlessly integrates with ADJ’s intuitive MyDMX 2.0 software.

With the MYDMX Buddy, you can easily program incredible dynamic lighting scenes with smooth fades, complex effects, and crisp synchronization across multiple fixtures. No external power or hardware is required – just plug this little Buddy straight into your computer and DMX lighting rig!

Plug-and-Play DMX Control for Lighting Setups Large and Small

The ADJ MYDMX Buddy puts 256 channels of DMX control right at your fingertips. Connect it to your computer and start programming custom shows in minutes with ADJ’s MyDMX 2.0 software.

Built-in stand-alone functionality gives you access to 12 direct control channels without even needing a computer hooked up. This makes the MYDMX Buddy ideal for mobile DJs and smaller installations.

For larger, more intricate shows, MyDMX 2.0 unleashes the Buddy’s full potential with features like:

  • A fixtures library containing over 4,000 fixtures
  • Visualizer with 3D rendering of complex stage layouts
  • Timeline programming for precision-timed scenes and effects
  • Tools for programming pixel mapping and video

The MYDMX Buddy handles it all – use it for a simple up-lighting gig or a large-scale stage production!

Convert Your Lights into a Programmable Smart Lighting System

Standard lighting fixtures are dependent on manual control and static settings. The MYDMX Buddy transforms them into intelligent, software-controlled devices.

MyDMX 2.0 allows you to save programmed scenes that can be recalled instantly. Built-in effects like color fades, strobe, and dimmer control take your shows to the next level.

Everything can be precisely synchronized to music using the software’s timing tools and triggers. All without the need for costly “smart” fixture upgrades!

Designed for Reliability and Convenience

The ultra-compact MYDMX Buddy easily fits in your pocket. Take it anywhere without hassling with extra equipment. The durable aluminum housing ensures it will stand up to life on the road.

A 6.5 foot USB cable gives you flexibility in setup placement while avoiding signal errors that can occur with longer runs. The USB connection provides stable, dropout-free communication between your computer and DMX devices.

No external power adapters are required. The Buddy derives ample power over USB. Just plug it in and you’re ready control your lighting.

Made to Work Flawlessly with MyDMX 2.0 Software

While compatible with any DMX software, the MYDMX Buddy is designed specifically for seamless integration with ADJ’s MyDMX 2.0. This powerful software unlocks the Buddy’s full potential for lighting control and show creation.

MyDMX 2.0 features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to program amazing dynamic shows. The visualizer even provides a 3D environment to pre-program your lighting before the gig.

Built-in WiFi, artnet, sACN, and streaming ACN protocols allow you to control lighting over a network or on a larger system. The MYDMX Buddy becomes your DMX interface to bridge your computer with professional lighting networks.

Start Controlling Your Lighting Like a Pro!

Don’t settle for basic static looks and manual control. The ADJ MYDMX Buddy and MyDMX 2.0 give you the tools to unleash the full potential of your lighting.

Program, modify, and run dynamic professional-grade shows with just this simple plug-and-play dongle. It’s easier than ever to put on an electrifying luminary experience!


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