Take Total Control of Your Fender Mustang Amp Tones with This Handy 4-Button Footswitch


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Unlock the full potential of your Fender Mustang amplifier with the Fender 4-Button Amplifier Footswitch. This sturdy footswitch gives you easy hands-free control over amp mode selection, effects, tuner access, and more. Keep your hands on your guitar and seamlessly switch between tones with a tap of your foot.

Smoothly Cycle Through Your Mustang’s Amp Modes and Effects

The Fender 4-Button Footswitch connects to your Mustang III, IV, V combo amp or Mustang V head via a standard 1⁄4 inch cable (included). It features four rugged footswitches to control key amp functions:

  • Bank Down/Up: Scroll down or up through the pre-programmed amp modes and effects saved to each bank.
  • Mode: Jump to the next amp model setting within the current bank.
  • Delay Tap/Tuner: Tap to set the delay tempo with your foot or hold for 2 seconds to activate the tuner.

With a quick tap of the Bank buttons you can smoothly switch from crushing metal distortion to sparkling Fender cleans. Dial in the perfect delay or chorus tempo by tapping the beat with your foot. And accurately tune your instrument without taking your hands off the guitar.

The compact 4-button layout takes up minimal stage space while putting key amp controls within easy reach. The buttons have a satisfying click so you can switch settings precisely even when focused on your performance.

Designed for Seamless Integration with Fender Mustang Amps

Fender designed the 4-Button Footswitch specifically for use with Mustang amplifiers. It seamlessly integrates with the Mustang III, IV, and V combos as well as the Mustang V head to enhance their built-in presets and effects.

Mustang amps come loaded with an array of modeled Fender amps like Twin Reverbs, Bassman stacks, and Pro tube combos. They also feature effects like chorus, flanger, phaser, and delay. The footswitch makes it easy to utilize all these tones and effects without taking a hand off your instrument.

The Mustang’s presets are organized into banks of four amp model and effect combinations. The footswitch Bank buttons allow you to quickly change banks to access more tones. Then the Mode button lets you cycle through the four presets within the current bank.

Being able to change sounds in the moment without adjusting knobs by hand allows for greater creativity and responsiveness during live playing. You can match your tone to the needs of each song or each section seamlessly.

Rugged and Stage-Ready Design

The Fender 4-Button Footswitch is built with the same ruggedness and attention to detail as their iconic instruments. The sturdy metal footswitches are designed to stand up to countless gigs and practice sessions.

The switches have a protective rubber cover and click responsively when pressed. Bright status LEDs indicate the active bank and mode so you can see settings even in dim stage lighting.

The footswitch connects to your amp via a 10-foot 1⁄4 inch cable. This gives you flexibility in stage setup so you can position your amp where you want it. The cable locks securely in place with no risk of pulling loose accidentally.

Fender includes both straight and coiled cables, giving you options for neat cable management in different live performance and studio setups. The coiled cable allows extra freedom of movement when playing.

Take Your Amp Tones to the Next Level

Unleash the true potential of your Fender Mustang amp with this easy-to-use 4-button footswitch. It makes it simple to utilize all the amp models, effects, and presets built into your amp without taking your hands off the guitar. Whether you want to smoothly change tones in the middle of a song or lock in the perfect delay or chorus tempo, this footswitch has you covered.


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