Tech 21 Geddy Lee DI-2112 Signature SansAmp Bass Preamp Pedal Bundle with Cables & Picks


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Experience the Iconic Tone of Geddy Lee with the Bass Preamp Pedal that Bears His Name

For over 40 years, Geddy Lee’s innovative bass tones and vocal harmonies have defined the signature sound of Rush. Now, bass players can access Lee’s iconic bass rig in a pedal with the Tech 21 Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp DI-2112.

This pro-grade preamp pedal delivers the rich, roaring overdrive and deep thundering lows that Geddy Lee is renowned for. Using Tech 21’s dual SansAmp technology, the DI-2112 produces tube-like growl and overdrive with crystal clear studio DI sound quality.

With flexible tone-shaping controls, this pedal provides complete control over your bass sound. Dial in the perfect amount of warm tube saturation, sculpt your EQ, set the overdrive amount, and blend with your direct signal.

Inside the road-ready metal chassis, the pedal features premium components like FET amplifiers and all-analog circuitry. Two independent SansAmp channels drive the pedal’s distortion with separate Level controls for endless tone options.

SansAmp Tube Emulation Makes Good Tone Great

The SansAmp circuit is what made Tech 21 famous. It emulates the warm, pleasing distortion of a tube amplifier to give your bass a smooth overdrive full of rich harmonics. The DI-2112 takes SansAmp technology to the next level with dual, independent channels.

Drive your tone with the warm, natural grit of analog tubes. Add a growling bite to your sound, or push it over the edge into heavy distortion. Dial in just the right amount of tube breakup to complement your playing style. Sculpt vintage rock tones or modern metal mayhem with the DI-2112’s flexible overdrive.

Shape Your Sound with Custom EQ

Shape and refine your overdriven bass tones with the DI-2112’s semi-parametric EQ. Customize your sound by boosting or cutting frequencies between 170 Hz to 3 kHz up to +/- 12dB.

Accentuate low-end thump, carve out mids, or add brilliant treble bite. The 3-band EQ gives you complete tonal control to craft your signature bass sound. Find the sweet spot to make your bass cut through the mix.

Get Iconic Rush Tones

While the DI-2112 delivers an array of monster bass tones, its claim to fame is emulating Geddy Lee’s progressive rock sound. Dial in punchy aggressive overdrive with deep rich lows that cut through the busiest arrangements.

The Signature model accurately captures the fierce Geddy Lee tone that defined classics like “Tom Sawyer”, “Limelight”, and “The Spirit of Radio”. Experience the legendary grind that shook stadiums worldwide.

Pedalboard-Ready Performance

The Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp DI-2112 is built for the rigors of live performing and touring. The rugged metal chassis stands up to abuse. Top mounted jacks provide secure connections to avoid crackling pots and jacks.

Powered via 9V battery or industry-standard power supplies, this pedal fits seamlessly into your existing pedalboard setup. Easily integrate the SansAmp tone-shaping into your signal chain. Stomp on tube grit and EQ for solos or extra oomph.

Bundle Includes Cables & Picks for Plug & Play Convenience

This bundle contains everything you need to start dialing in iconic bass tones straight out of the box. It includes the Geddy Lee DI-2112 pedal along with 2 premium MXR patch cables and a Dunlop pick variety pack.

The MXR patch cables securely connect your pedalboard essentials to avoid crackling or cutting out during performances. The Dunlop picks offer a selection of material and gauge options to suit different playing styles.

With cables and picks included, you can start shaping face-melting bass tones as soon as your DI-2112 arrives. Experience the legendary SansAmp overdrive that defined Geddy Lee’s progressive bass sound.


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