Telbum Double Sided DJ Moving Head Light – 40W DMX512 Sound Activated Rotating Disco Lights for Parties, Weddings, Shows


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Experience the power and versatility of the Telbum Double Sided DJ Moving Head Light. This professional grade moving head light is packed with features to create eye-catching lighting effects for any event.

Double Sided Design for Wide Coverage

The innovative double sided design provides a huge 240 degreecoverage angle, acting as a rotating disco ball to fill large areas with vibrant lighting. Each side has 4 x 10W LEDs (40W total) to produce sufficient brightness for stages and venues. The motorized head rotates 540° horizontally and tilts 270° vertically for complete room coverage.

DMX512 Control for Advanced Programming

This DJ light includes standard DMX512 inputs and outputs for connecting to a DMX controller or daisy chaining multiple units together. DMX gives complete control over each aspect of the moving head – pan, tilt, colors, strobe, dimmer, speed and more. Pre-program chases and scenes on up to 24 channels then sit back and watch an amazing choreographed light show.

Sound Activated Mode for Automatic Dance Lighting

For quick and easy operation, the built-in sound activation mode analyzes music and automatically responds with synchronized lighting effects. The sound sensor catches subtle beat variations and the motor speed responds in real-time for visuals that dance along precisely with the music. Sound activation requires no programming or DMX equipment.

5 Operating Modes

– DMX512 control mode: Connect with DMX controller for customized programming
– Master/Slave mode: Link multiple units to synchronize together
– Auto mode: Built-in programs run through automatic sequences
– Sound activation mode: Lighting reacts and dances to music
– Static mode: Stay fixed on one color and effect

Mini Moving Head Design

The small and lightweight body measures just 5.5 x 5.1 x 7.1 inches and weighs only 3.2 lbs. Despite the mini size, it still packs bright 40W LEDs, fast motors, and professional programming capabilities. Take this portable disco light on the go for mobile DJ events, bands, school dances, nightclubs and more. Ground support brackets are included for permanent installations.

Vibrant Color Mixing

The RGBW LEDs produce a palette of over 16 million colors to suit any theme or preference. Adjust the color balance and saturation for subtle pastels or rich vivid hues. The well-diffused lenses ensure even color mixing without multi-shadowing or hotspots.

Strobe Effects

Make your light show more exciting with adjustable strobe rates up to 20 flashes per second. From slow pulsing to fast intense strobing, the strobe adds impact to the beat and livens up the atmosphere.

DMX512, Auto, Sound, Master/Slave Modes

The Telbum moving head light is extremely versatile with DMX512 inputs, built-in programs, sound activation, and master/slave modes. Connect to a DMX controller for complex effects, run the automated mode, sync to music, or daisy chain multiple lights together without a controller. Use master/slave mode to easily sync and expand your lighting rig.

LCD Display Menu

Navigate settings and modes easily with the LCD display panel. Save time programming each fixture by copying scenes and synchronizing the lights before mounting. The simple menu and advanced control options make this moving head a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Superior Light Quality

Experience dramatically improved light quality over older halogen fixtures. The LEDs maintain consistent brightness and color temperature over the lifetime of the light. No more degradation, burnt out bulbs, or color shifting like traditional incandescent lights. The cool running LEDs also prevent heat damage to filters and lenses.

Wide Voltage Range

The auto-ranging power supply handles any voltage between 100-240VAC. Plug into any standard wall outlet without worry of overloading circuits. Low power consumption keeps energy costs down.

Safety Features

Built-in protection includes overheating protection to avoid damage if the unit overheats. The housing and lenses are also impact resistant to survive bumps and drops.


– 1 x Telbum Double Sided Moving Head Light
– 1 x Hanging Bracket
– 1 x Power Cord
– 1 x Remote Control
– 1 x User Manual

Make your stage or dance floor come alive with colorful sweeping beams and synchronized lighting effects. Order the Telbum Double Sided Moving Head DJ Light today and transform any venue into a professional light show!


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