The Really Useful Piano Poster – Illustrated Piano Chord Chart, Scales, and Music Theory Guide


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Learning to play the piano just got easier with this useful music theory poster. Jam-packed with colorful illustrations of piano fundamentals, this handy chart gives you everything you need to start playing right away.

Ideal for all ages and skill levels, this piano poster makes learning music approachable and fun. Vibrantly illustrated diagrams break down essential music theory concepts like piano scales, chords, and the circle of fifths. The consolidated view helps cement these foundational lessons in your mind for quick recall anytime.

Understanding music theory is key to advancing on the piano. This all-in-one piano chart builds that knowledge in an easy to digest visual format. Learn to craft melodies, build chords, and compose your own music faster with core theory at your fingertips.

This illustrated piano poster includes:

– Piano keyboard showing note names and octave ranges
– All 12 major scales and related chords
– All 12 minor scales and related chords
– Major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads
– The circle of fifths showing key signatures
– Common chord progressions for each key
– Relative major/minor keys
– And more!

Bright colorful graphics break up the concepts into clear cut segments that are easy to remember. Having key piano fundamentals visually reinforced makes the theory stick. This piano chord chart is the ideal study companion both for self-teaching and lessons with a piano teacher.

Follow along with the poster to get in sync with piano lesson books. Use it as a quick refresher on core concepts between practice sessions. Understanding piano scales, chords, and music theory is essential for advancing your skills. This poster distills those essentials in one convenient learning tool.

Learn Music Theory Visually

Learning the piano involves more than just playing notes. Understanding music theory concepts is key to unlocking the full potential of the piano.

This illustrated piano theory guide acts like Cliff Notes for music theory. The consolidated view connects the dots between concepts like scales, chords, and keys. Visual learners benefit most from seeing these essentials together on one poster.

Reinforce your knowledge by glancing at the key concepts laid out clearly on this piano chord chart. The bright colors and friendly illustrations aid memory and retention even more.

Practice Smarter

Placing this piano poster near your instrument means the answers are always at your fingertips. Quickly reference chord shapes, scale patterns, and music theory basics without losing focus.

Use it as a practice aid for playing scales, chords, and chord progressions in every key. Take the guesswork out of finding the right notes. The colorful diagrams help cement the theory into intuitive knowledge over time.

Designed to complement any piano learning curriculum, this music theory chart simplifies complex concepts for beginners. But even advanced players appreciate the consolidated view as a refresher.

Guide to Essential Music Theory

This piano theory poster distills the key fundamentals into easy to digest diagrams:

Piano Keyboard

Visualize the full 88 key piano layout. Letters identify the note names on the keyboard. Numbers denote the octave ranges. See which notes belong to treble and bass clef.

The Circle of Fifths

Unlock the secrets behind keys and key signatures. The circle shows the relationship between major and minor keys with accidentals.

Major Scales

Master the pattern for the 12 major scales. See the scale degrees and fingering for playing each major scale up and down the piano.

Minor Scales

Learn the 12 natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scales. Discover how they differ and the chords they work with.

Triad Chords

Get to know major, minor, diminished, and augmented triad chords visually. See how they’re constructed and where they occur in each scale.

Common Chord Progressions

See the most popular chord sequences that form the foundation of songs. Chart shows patterns in all 12 major and minor keys.

Relative Keys

Learn the major and minor keys that share key signatures and work well together melodically. Another piece of the puzzle to understanding keys.

Printed in a large A1 size format complete with bold colors and detailed illustrations, this music theory poster is easy to read from anywhere in the room. Whether for home practice or the classroom, the full size chart ensures everyone can see the details.

Comprehensive and beginner friendly, this piano chord poster has proven wildly popular with over 20,000 copies sold worldwide. Customers agree the condensed theorysummary accelerates learning.

Simplify your path to piano mastery with music fundamentals at a glance. Order the Really Useful Piano Poster today!


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