Totority Guitar Pointer Knobs – Set of 4 White Effect Pedal Control Knobs


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Dial in your ultimate tone with Totority’s set of 4 high quality guitar pointer knobs. These textured plastic control knobs allow you to easily adjust the parameters on your effects pedals, guitar amps, and other music gear. The handy indicator line lets you track each knob’s setting at a glance. Whether you need to replace a broken knob or add more control options, these versatile guitar knobs have you covered.

Replace Worn Out Knobs

Over time, the knobs on your favorite guitar pedals and amps can become faded, cracked, or spin loosely making them hard to adjust. Totority’s pointer knobs allow you to restore firm precise control. Just use a screwdriver to remove the old knob and screw on the corresponding replacement. In seconds you can update the look of your effects pedals and improve their functionality.

Textured Grips

The ribbed texture on the sides of these knobs provides an enhanced grip for making adjustments on stage or in the studio. The grooves ensure your fingers won’t slip even in high pressure performance situations. The textured finish also gives your pedals a cool customized look. Choose your favorite color pattern for a unique pedalboard aesthetic.

Indicator Lines for Precision

Each knob features clear indicator lines so you can track exact parameter settings. Just align the line to the desired number or mark on your pedal. For gain, delay, reverb, and other effects this allows you to accurately dial in your tone. No more guessing where the knob is set – the position is clear at a glance.

Lightweight Plastic Construction

The knobs are made from durable, lightweight ABS plastic. This prevents them from weighing down your pedalboard while still providing long lasting performance. The plastic material also allows for seamless spinning adjustment without loosening over time. Set your controls precisely without the friction or wobble of cheaper metal knobs.

Upgrade Your Pedals

These knobs allow you to enhance your existing pedals by adding more control options. Attach additional knobs to alternate parameter pots or use them as expression control inputs. With spare knobs on hand, you can customize your pedals to suit your playing style and gain more tone shaping possibilities.

Compatible with Most Pedals

Totority’s pointer knobs use a common 1/4 inch shaft size that is compatible with a wide range of guitar pedals, racks, and amps. They securely fasten to potentiometer shafts from brands like Boss, MXR, EHX, TC Electronic, and more. Just match the shaft size and start dialing in inspiring new sounds.

Take Control of Your Tone

Having knobs that are mismatched, faded, or broken can make achieving your ideal sound a frustrating challenge. With this set of replacement pointer knobs, you can restore peak playability to your effects. Finally get the exact sustain, overdrive, delay, and effects mixes your music demands through precise, customized control.

Achieve Your Unique Sound

The right set of knobs can be the finishing touch that sets your pedalboard apart. Choose colors that create a cool unified look or mix and match for your own signature style. Position the indicator lines how you like for optimal visibility. With Totority’s pointer knobs, you define the visual aesthetics and functional ergonomics.

High Quality at a Fair Cost

You get premium performance and durability without the premium price tag. This set of 4 textured plastic knobs costs far less than what you would pay for just one artisan stompbox knob. The affordable price makes it easy to upgrade your entire pedalboard and amp rig to precision control.

Take Your Tone to the Next Level

Step up your tone with sturdy, ergonomic knobs designed to stand the test of time. Totority’s pointer knobs allow you to breathe new life into your existing gear. Dial in the perfect sound and take command of your effects like never before. Order your set today to gain masterful control over your unique musical vision.


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