TOYANDONA Skull Style Electric Guitar Control Knobs Set of 4 – Add Exquisite Style to Your Guitar or Amp




Give your electric guitar or amp a chilling makeover with the TOYANDONA Skull Style Control Knobs. This set of 4 metal knobs features intricately carved skull designs, bringing a touch of grim style to your rig. The highly detailed skulls are carved into premium metal knobs, ensuring these control knobs will hold up to regular use while giving your guitar or amp a unique look.

Intricately Carved Skull Designs

Each of the 4 control knobs features a remarkably detailed skull design carved into the face. The carvings capture the twisted grin, sunken eyes and bony contours of a skull with expert precision. No two skulls are exactly alike, giving each knob its own personality and grimacing expression. When installed on your guitar or amp, these skully knobs infuse your rig with a slightly sinister heavy metal edge.

Constructed from Durable Metal

TOYANDONA built these control knobs to last. They are constructed from premium metal materials, not cheap plastic that can crack or warp. The sturdy metal construction ensures the knobs will hold up to regular use while keeping their exquisite carved details intact. Whether you install them on your favorite guitar, bass, pedal or amp, you can trust these skull knobs to maintain their menacing good looks even after years of performance and practice.

Compatible with Most Guitars and Amps

Each knob in this 4-pack is designed for universal compatibility with most electric guitars, basses and amplifiers. They come with hex screws for easy installation, allowing you to swap out the existing knobs on your gear for these carved skull knobs without hassle. One full rotation adjusts from minimum to maximum, giving you precise control over volume, tone and other parameters.

Customize and Control Your Sound

Like any control knob, the TOYANDONA skull knobs give you tactile control over your instrument’s sound. Install them on your guitar to control volume and tone as you shape your sound. Place them on your amp to adjust gain and other levels, dialing in your perfect tone. You can also use them on effect pedals like distortion, chorus and delay. The smooth metal surface allows for precise adjustments.

Stand Out with Unique Style

Tired of the same ordinary knobs on your guitar and amp? These carved skull control knobs let you put your own mark on your gear. The intricately detailed skull designs add a touch of gothic heavy metal flair to any rig. Their unique stylings will make your guitar or amp stand out from the crowd. Express yourself with knobs that reflect your own artistic tastes and join the skull knob revolution!

High Quality and Attention to Detail

TOYANDONA put extra care into designing and producing these control knobs to ensure high quality and precise attention to detail. The metal construction is sturdy and built to last. The carvings flawlessly capture the macabre essence of a skull in artistic fashion. And the knobs integrate seamlessly with your gear thanks to universal mounting. You’ll appreciate the care put into creating these functional yet stylistic works of art.

Available in Multiple Finish Options

The TOYANDONA skull control knobs are available with various finish options to match your guitar or rig. Choose from black, silver or gold finishes. Or go for the antique bronze finish for an extra creepy vibe. Each set contains one of each finish so you can mix and match, or grab a few sets to customize multiple guitars. Either way, you’ll find the right finishes to perfectly complement your rig.

Take Your Sound and Style to the Next Level

With the TOYANDONA Skull Style Control Knobs, you can instantly give your guitar or amp some chilling style upgrade. The remarkably carved skull designs add a touch of heavy metal artistry to your rig. And the sturdy metal construction ensures durability and longevity. If you want control knobs that are as functional as they are stylish, these skull knobs deliver in spades.


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