Toyvian 12 Pack Guitar Effect Pedal Control Knobs for Guitar Parts with 6 Styles


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Make Your Guitar Rig Shine with These Premium Control Knobs

If you’re a guitarist who loves to experiment with different tones and effects, you know how important it is to have durable, easy-to-use knobs on your pedals and amps. That’s why we’re excited to offer this 12 pack of high-quality control knobs from Toyvian, specially designed for guitarists.

With 6 unique styles, this set will help you customize the look and feel of your pedalboard and amp heads. Choose from classic dome shapes, cool pointers, groovy stars, and more – with skirted and unskirted options to match the profile you need. The textured surface provides a non-slip grip, even during passionate jam sessions.

Built for Rugged Music Use
These knobs are constructed from durable ABS plastic that stands up to intensive stomping and tweaking. The solid shaft inserts tightly into the potentiometer on your effects pedals or amps. With a sleek chrome finish, they’ll look great on stage or in studio.

Universal Compatibility
No matter what brand of gear you own, these 6.35mm knobs will mount on most guitar pedals, amplifiers, or other devices that use a standard 1/4 inch shaft potentiometer. They’re easy to install – just remove the existing knob and attach one from this set. Requires no modifications.

Customize Your Sound
Give your pedalboard a cool, cohesive look by using knobs from the same set. Or mix and match for a more eclectic aesthetic. Choose pointers to make it easy to see effect settings at a glance. Dials with indicator lines work great for precise adjustments. And novelty shapes add visual flair.

With 12 knobs in 6 styles, you can replace worn out knobs, mod existing pedals, or build your own custom effects from scratch. They’re a great way to refresh the look of older pedals or amps. No soldering required – just swap out for an instant upgrade.

Take Your Guitar Effects to the Next Level

If you find yourself constantly fiddling with your tone, these easy-grip knobs will make dialing in your signature sound a breeze. Get enough to deck out your whole pedal board and amp head with matching controls.

Guitarists who play live know how important the right effects are to their sound. With durable knobs that are built to withstand being stepped on and tweaked night after night, you can shape your tone with confidence. The textured surface and smooth rotation make on-the-fly adjustments easy, even on a dark stage.

In the studio, control knobs with indicator lines or pointers make it quick and easy to mark effect settings for various parts. Recreate tones with precision by noting the positions on each pedal.

Whether you want bold psychedelic tones, crisp cleans, or searing leads, take command of your effects with these responsive knobs.

Includes 6 Styles to Suit Your Style

This listing includes 12 total knobs featuring 6 different styles:

– Round black skirted knob with indicator line (2x)

– Round silver unskirted knob (2x)

– Black and chrome dual pointer knob (2x)

– Groovy star shaped knob in chrome (2x)

– Retro radio knob with metal insert (2x)

– Textured black dome shaped knob (2x)

With such a wide range, you’re sure to find the perfect controls whether you play rock, blues, metal, country or jazz.

Build the Perfect Pedalboard

With this assortment, you can create a pedalboard that’s as unique as your music. Here are just a few ideas:

– Use the retro radio knobs for vintage fuzz and overdrive effects

– Attach cool star knobs to your phase, flanger or chorus pedals

– Pick dome knobs for volume and gain effects

– Top off modulation effects like delay and reverb with the indicator line dials for quick time and mix adjustments

– Use the dual color pointers to control a graphic EQ or multi-effects unit

Mix and match until you find your perfect tone shaping controls. With spare knobs on hand, you can easily swap them out to update the look or feel of your pedals.

Take your guitar effects rig to the next level with this set of 12 universal control knobs. It makes it easy to customize your pedals and amps with cool knobs built to stand up to life on the road.


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