Toyvian 3 Sets Guitar String Nails Portable Fittings for Acoustic Guitar Bass Parts




Keep Your Strings Secure with These Premium Guitar Bridge Pins

If you want your acoustic or bass guitar to sing with bright, ringing tones, proper string installation is a must. That’s why we offer this set of 3 complete bridge pin kits from Toyvian. With 18 copper and plastic pins total, you’ll have spares to restring multiple guitars.

These guitar nuts and pins allow quick, easy re-stringing and keep strings locked in tune, even during energetic strumming. The grooved design holds strings firmly while the smooth saddle allows precise intonation adjustments.

Durable Metal Construction
At the heart of each bridge pin is a solid brass rod. This provides strength to withstand the incredible tension placed on strings secured at the bridge. The brass is corrosion-resistant to stand up to repeated string changes without bending or breaking.

The molded plastic head grips strings tight while protecting your instrument’s bridge plate from wear. Plastic won’t chip finish off your guitar’s bridge like lower quality wood or bone pins can over time.

Hassle-Free Installation
Installing these replacement pins is a breeze. Use the included pin puller tool to quickly remove the old pins. Just slide it under each pin head and lift up. Then take a new pin and turn it into the bridge hole by hand until tight. The ridged design keeps it from slipping. Tune up your strings and you’re ready to play!

Having spare pins on hand makes re-stringing your instrument so much easier. No more drilling out stubborn pins or searching for replacements at the music shop.

Universal Fit for Steel-String Guitars
This bridge pin set was designed to work with most steel-string folk guitars, many classical guitars, and acoustic basses. The ridged plastic head grips nylon or steel strings equally well.

The 0.31 inch diameter brass pin fits securely into bridge pin holes found on guitars by popular brands like Fender, Yamaha, Taylor, Martin and more. No modifications needed.

Get Bright, Balanced Tone from Your Strings

As strings age and dirt builds up in the windings, tone suffers. Replacing old strings is one of the easiest ways to keep your guitar sounding its best. But to get the fullest potential from fresh strings, the bridge pins must hold tunings accurately.

These solid pins minimize lateral string movement that causes unwanted modulation and inaccurate intonation. Notes ring true up and down the neck thanks to reduced string slippage. Hear more harmonics and overtones come through for better tone.

The snug fit also provides excellent tuning stability. Songs stay in key through long practice sessions and gigs. Strings won’t go sharp or flat unexpectedly, even during aggressive playing.

Upgrade Your Guitar’s Hardware

Along with a quality set up, upgrading to better machine heads and bridge pins helps improve an acoustic guitar’s playability and sound.

Many factory-installed parts are made from lower grade materials prone to bending, breaking, or corroding over time. This DIY upgrade kit lets you reinvent your instrument’s hardware on a budget.

The brass and plastic pins have a classic, understated look that fits most guitar styles. Keep them clear or add colored pins for a personalized touch. Install a set on your favorite battered guitar to give it new life.

With 3 full sets of 6 pins each, restring bass guitars, 12-strings, travel guitars or ukuleles too. It’s an easy way to improve sound and keep all your instruments concert-ready.

Toyvian Bridge Pin Set Includes:

– 3 Sets of 6 Guitar Bridge Pins (18 total pins)

– 3 Bridge Pin Puller Tools

Give your acoustic guitar an upgrade with these easy-installing brass bridge pins engineered for reliability and bright tone.


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