Transform Your Podcast with the BM-800 Professional Podcast Microphone Bundle


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Take your podcast to the next level with the BM-800 podcasting bundle. This all-in-one kit gives you a broadcast-quality microphone, intuitive mixer interface and voice effects to make studio-quality podcast episodes right at home.

Crisp, Clear Podcast Recording

At the heart of this bundle is the BM-800 condenser microphone. Built with a precision metal diaphragm, it captures your voice with stunning accuracy for professional podcast sound. The cardioid pickup pattern focuses directly on your voice and reduces background noise.

Plug the XLR microphone straight into the M8 mixer for seamless integration. No extra cables or adapters needed! Route your mic through the mixer’s DSP chip for crystal-clear digitized sound. Intelligent noise reduction ensures your voice remains pristine.

Transform Voice with Built-In Effects

The M8 mixer lets you add fun voice effects with the press of a button. Choose from 12 electric sounds like MEGAPHONE and RADIO to add interest during podcast narration.

You can also digitally pitch shift your voice with 4 changer options: Male, Female, Monster and Child. Great for adding some playful banter between podcast hosts! Additional effects include treble, bass, reverb, echo and more.

Hear Your Podcast Production Live

Unlike some podcast bundles, the M8 mixer includes a convenient 3.5mm headphone jack. Plug in your headphones to hear your recording live, complete with all effects and voice modulation.

Get real-time feedback to perfect your intro, adjust audio levels, and fix mistakes. The M8 mixer monitors the full digital signal before it reaches your computer.

Live Mixing Capabilities

While perfect for podcast recording, the M8’s intuitive controls also allow for live mixing applications like:

  • Mobile DJ performances
  • Karaoke singing nights
  • Streaming on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Live
  • Sound reinforcement for events

Use it as a podcast mixer today, and a live audio console tomorrow. With 12 channel faders plus a master fader, mixing multiple mics and instruments is effortless.

Plugin and Record to Any Device

The M8 mixer connects to smartphones, tablets, laptops and more using the included USB-C to USB cable. Simple plug-and-play operation works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

The mixer automatically configures itself as the audio input for your recording software. Or use it with an amp simulator for incredible guitar and bass tone.

Complete Podcasting Accessory Kit

This podcast bundle includes everything you need to start recording, including:

  • Adjustable steel scissor arm with shock mount
  • Table mounting clamp and screws
  • Foam windscreen for crisp, pop-free sound
  • XLR cable to connect the mic and mixer

Setup is quick, easy and professional. You’ll be recording top-notch podcasts minutes after opening the box.

Take Your Podcasting to the Next Level

Ditch low-quality onboard mic recording. The BM-800 bundle brings professional studio quality to your podcast. Shape the perfect broadcast vocal sound with the M8’s built-in effects. Plug into any device and start recording your breakout podcast!


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