TRUE NORTH Portable Microphone Isolation Shield – Foldable Vocal Booth for Studio-Quality Voice Recording


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Tired of ambient noise ruining your vocal recordings? Want to achieve crisp, professional audio without needing a full recording studio? Introducing the TRUE NORTH Portable Microphone Isolation Shield, the simple solution for flawless voice-overs, podcasts, vocal coaching, and more!

This ingenious device creates a mini sound booth anywhere you need it. The acoustic foam walls absorb echoes, reverb, and background sounds that distort your recordings. It’s like building a professional studio inside a compact, portable shell!

## Studio-Quality Voice Recording from Any Room

Home offices, bedrooms, and kitchens might be convenient to record in, but the hard walls and open spaces wreak havoc on audio quality. Our isolation shield lets you turn any room into a DIY recording studio!

The dense foam absorbs sound reflections and muffles ambient noise. Your voice projects directly into the microphone, not bouncing off surrounding surfaces. The result is a clean, focused vocal tone just like recording in a high-end booth.

Whether you’re podcasting, gaming, vlogging, or producing any kind of audio, this isolation shield keeps your voice front and center. No more dealing with distracting reverb or computer fans drowning you out. And unlike bulky full booths, the compact design is easy to set up and store when not in use.

## The Flexibility of a Portable Vocal Booth

Typical sound booths are gigantic, heavy, and cumbersome. Our isolation shield takes a different approach. The innovative folding design converts from portable carry case to standing sound barrier in seconds.

The included carrying bag makes transportation effortless between recording locations. Many of our customers keep one in their car! Unfold it on any flat surface – desk, table, seat, even the floor – to transform the space into an instant vocal booth.

We developed it to handle real-world situations. Mount it to a microphone stand for quick, flexible placement. The built-in kickstand feet work perfectly on tabletops. Cater the shield to your needs, not the other way around.

Whether you have a home studio, portable rig, or even just your computer’s microphone, the TRUE NORTH Isolation Shield has you covered. With smart portability and mounting options, take pristine audio quality wherever you go.

## Top-Notch Construction for Reliable Performance

Flimsy materials and shoddy workmanship won’t cut it for serious recording. Our isolation shield is built from premium components engineered to last.

The steel frame provides a rigid backbone that won’t sag over time like cheaper alternatives. It folds down into a tight 7″ x 7″ footprint for traveling while retaining its shape. We also include threaded mounts to optionally attach a microphone boom arm or floor stand.

The acoustic foam itself is cut from 1.5″ dense polyurethane. The wedge shape and layered pyramid design absorb sound waves more effectively than flat foam. The echo-cancelling properties rival that of recording studios costing thousands more!

Recording gear is an investment. Our shield performs like pro gear costing 10X as much, all while protecting your microphones from unwanted sound. The sturdy metal and foam construction will hold up through years of use.

For extra convenience, all hardware is included for quick assembly. Just unfold, secure the fasteners, and start recording chart-topping vocals!

## Supports All Your Podcasting, Voice Work, and Vocal Recording Needs

Here are some examples of how our customers use the portable vocal booth:

– Podcasters – Capture podcasts free of ambient noise from random rooms. Record co-hosted shows without crosstalk or echo.

– Voice actors – Get crisp vocal takes without studio reverb or distracting backgrounds. Makes an audition tape or animation voiceover project come out flawless.

– Singers – Practice your vocals with clear microphone feedback, unaffected by room acoustics. Musicians can capture distortion-free instrumentals and harmonies.

– ASMR artists – Isolate soft whispers, tapping, and intentional sounds from background interference. Adds a 3D intimacy unmatched by most home setups.

– Voice coaches – Give clear feedback during student vocal lessons. Keep training sessions focused within the booth’s isolation.

– Game streamers – Eliminate computer fan noise and crosstalk on chat/collab streams. Add a pro touch to keep your broadcast polished.

– Media producers – Quickly record narration, messaging, and voice segments on the move. Mock up voice samples anywhere inspiration strikes!

For any hobbyist or professional vocal recording, the portable isolation shield equals instant sound quality. The compact size tucks away neatly when not in use.

## We Stand Behind Our Studio-Grade Audio Equipment

Here at TRUE NORTH, we’re confident our microphone isolation shield will enhance your recordings. But if you aren’t completely satisfied, just contact our helpful support team for assistance or to start a return.

We offer full refunds within 30 days in the rare case our shield doesn’t meet expectations. It’s our hassle-free way of making sure you’re absolutely happy with your purchase.

Our customers’ success is our top priority. In addition to friendly support, we also offer resources like online setup guides and video tutorials. Take advantage of our decades of combined experience perfecting vocal sound.

Don’t settle for lackluster audio plagued by reverb and distractions. Level up your recording quality with the TRUE NORTH Portable Vocal Booth – order yours today!


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