Two Notes Opus Amp Simulator and DynIR Engine Pedal


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Revolutionize Your Guitar Tone with This Powerful Amp Simulator Pedal

The Two Notes Opus is a unique multi-effects pedal that lets you shape your guitar tone like never before, thanks to its powerful amp and cabinet modeling. With the Opus, you can recreate the sound of iconic tube amps and speaker cabinets at your feet, without needing to carry heavy amp heads and cabs to gigs and sessions.

Hyper-Realistic Amp Modeling

At the heart of the Opus is Two Notes’ advanced physical modeling technology that accurately replicates the warm tone of real tube amps. It features amp models based on classics like Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Vox, and many more. The models capture the unique gain staging and tonal response of the original amp circuits, allowing you to get those coveted vintage tones.

You can shape the amp tone further with parameters like drive, bass, mid, treble, presence, and master volume. The Opus gives you deep control over your core amp tone before it hits your speaker cab models.

Versatile Cabinet Simulations

To complete your amp tones, the Opus has Two Notes’ proprietary DynIR technology that recreates the speakers and mics used in famous guitar cabinets. Choose from a diverse roster of cabs based on Celestion, Jensen, and other top guitar speakers.

The DynIR engine accurately captures the frequency response, resonance, and complexities caused by speaker and microphone placement. This lets you customize your sound with different cabinet styles matched to your amp models.

Craft Your Signature Sound

With its dual-engine design, the Opus pedal lets you run amp and cab models separately or blended together. You can even run the amp models into your existing amp or cabinet to add richness and punch.

The Opus comes loaded with 99 preset tones covering classic to modern styles. Tweak them further or build your own tones from scratch using the easy-to-use editor software. With MIDI control, you can even switch tones on the fly while performing.

Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream audio and control the Opus wirelessly from your mobile device. Download speaker cab IRs online and load them onto the Opus to continuously expand your tonal palette.

Flexible Connectivity for Any Setup

The Opus works great as an amp replacement or supplementing your existing guitar amp and pedals:

– Run it into a power amp and guitar cab for a lightweight ampless setup. The Opus provides studio-level tone in a compact pedal.

– Add it to your pedalboard for enhanced drive and cabinet tones, while still using your regular amp.

– Connect to your audio interface or mixer for re-amping potential. Rediscover your tracks through brand new amp and cab tones.

With its authentic sound, deep tone-shaping controls, and flexible connectivity, the Two Notes Opus belongs on the pedalboard of any guitarist looking to explore new sonic possibilities.

Key Features

– Hyper-realistic tube amp modeling based on iconic amp circuits

– DynIR speaker cabinet simulations with 35+ cabinet models

– Powerful 8-band semi-parametric graphic EQ to shape your tone

– 99 preset tones covering all genres and playing styles

– Flexible connectivity options for any guitar rig

– Easy editing and storage of presets via mobile app and computer editor

– Bluetooth for wireless editing and firmware updates

– MIDI input for controlling preset changes live

– Auxiliary input for playing backing tracks

– Premium components like 32-bit AD/DA converters for superb audio quality

Take your guitar tone into exciting new territory with the Two Notes Opus amp sim pedal. With its advanced physical modeling, signature cab IRs, and deep tone-shaping parameters, the Opus makes it easy to get pro-level tones at home, studio, or stage. Unleash your creative potential with this versatile amp-in-a-box!


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