Universal Audio Evermore Reverb Effect Pedal




Experience the lush, expansive reverbs of iconic vintage hardware in a compact, easy-to-use stompbox with the Universal Audio Evermore Reverb Effect Pedal. This pedal delivers stunning, authentic emulations of three legendary digital reverb programs – Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall – from a classic studio processor, enabling guitarists to recreate those highly sought-after studio sounds anywhere.

At the heart of the Evermore lie Universal Audio’s expertly crafted emulations of the Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall programs from the classic digital processor. Each program is captured bit-for-bit, with forensic attention to detail, providing spot-on re-creations of the original hardware’s reverbs. Room delivers natural ambience perfect for vocals and guitars. Small Hall offers a medium-sized space great for drums and percussive instruments. Large Hall provides expansive, lush reverbs for creating ambient textures and soundscapes.

The Evermore goes beyond meticulous emulations by providing creative sound-shaping tools. The Mod control dials in lush, grainy textures that evoke the distinctive character of early digital reverbs. Pre-Delay sets the time before reverberations begin, allowing players to tune the size of the virtual “room.” Decay knobs give independent control over bass, mid, and treble decay times to customize the overall reverb tail.

Optimized specifically for guitarists, the Evermore features essential tools for crafting pro reverb tones on stage and in the studio. Selectable True or Trails bypass modes ensure seamless transitions. Input and Output levels allow reverb depth to be perfectly balanced with dry signals. An analog Dry Through output splits the dry signal for sending to two amps or chains.

As expected from Universal Audio, the Evermore boasts premium construction for road-readiness and decades of reliable performance. It sports a durable metal chassis and the brand’s signature “ringy series” reverb tank. Top-grade components deliver exceptional headroom, ultra-low noise, and crystal-clear audio quality. Like all UA pedals, the Evermore is proudly hand-built in California to exact tolerances for uncompromising sound.

For guitar and bass players who want to infuse their tone with the richness of iconic digital reverbs, the Universal Audio Evermore is the ultimate pedal. Offering meticulously crafted emulations, versatile sound-shaping features, and road-ready build quality, the Evermore puts sought-after vintage studio ambience at your feet. Bring the powerful spatiality of the Room, Small Hall, and Large Hall into your rig today with the Universal Audio Evermore Reverb Pedal.


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