Universal Tray for Microphone Stands – Sturdy Accessory Clip Shelf




Elevate Your Performances with This Adjustable Tray for Mic Stands

Whether you’re a musician, speaker, podcaster, or anyone who uses a microphone, this universal mic stand tray is a must-have accessory. The sturdy yet adjustable clamp-on shelf provides convenient hands-free access to notes, phones, and other small items during performances, lectures, streams, interviews, and more.

Compatible with virtually any standard microphone stand from 0.4-1.18 inches, the tray innovatively frees up table space and reduces clutter. No more fumbling with loose pages or awkwardly balancing devices mid-show. This mic stand tray creates an instant platform for seamless access to cue cards, set lists, phones, capos, cables, and other peripheral equipment.

Transform how you use your existing microphone stand with this clever add-on shelf. Keep critical items close at hand without compromising stability or mobility.

Fits Most Mic Stands

Universally designed for compatibility with nearly any mic stand, this tray conveniently clips on in seconds without tools.

The adjustable screw clamps and O-style buckle ensure a customized fit. Just slide onto your stand and tighten to desired height and stability. Handles thickness from 0.4 inches up to 1.18 inches.

Works great on straight or boom stands in recording studios, stages, offices, lecture halls, and anywhere mics are used. Also compatible with music stands, selfie ring light stands, phone tripods, and more.

Holds Up to 6.6lbs

Built from premium ABS plastic, the durable tray supports over 6 pounds of equipment. The raised edges prevent items from sliding off while allowing you to see contents at a glance.

Keep smartphones, tablets, wireless transmitters, cables, set lists, books, pens, cables, capos, keys, and other small accessories secure yet accessible. No more jumbled piles of stuff around your mic stand.

The compact 8.6 x 6.5 inch size takes up minimal space while providing ample storage area. Maximize your performance setup without clutter.

Adjustable Height

Mount the tray at your ideal height for each unique situation by simply loosening or tightening the clamps. Set it low for seamless visibility or raise it up and out of the way during performances.

The telescoping design adjusts to the perfect level to reduce neck strain. Tilt, swivel, or rotate the entire tray on the stand to optimize positioning.

Customizable height and angle provides ergonomic access while keeping your stand flexible. Dial it in for speakers, singers, instruments, seated or standing use.

Endless Applications

This universal microphone stand tray has limitless potential to enhance your presentations, streams, videos, conferences, stage shows, and practice sessions.

  • Speeches & Lectures – Hold notes, cards, clickers, pointers, tablets
  • Concerts & Performances – Keep set lists, capos, cables nearby
  • Podcasting & Broadcasting – Access phones, mixers, computers, transmitters
  • Karaoke – Place tablets with lyrics within view
  • Studio Recording – Position audio interfaces, headphones, click tracks
  • Video Calls & Live Streams – Clip on webcams, ring lights, microphones

Anywhere you use a mic stand, this accessory can streamline your setup. Free up hands, reduce clutter, and work more efficiently.

Quick & Easy Install

Transform the functionality of your microphone stand in 60 seconds. Just loosen the clamps, secure the tray onto any pole up to 1.18 inches, then tighten. No tools or modifications needed.

The non-marring rubber lining protects your stand’s finish. Once installed, reposition the tray to any height or angle desired. Use the adjustment knob to fine tune friction.

Take it on and off stands in seconds before or after shows. Portable and lightweight, yet extremely durable for daily use. Set it up and take down repeatedly without wear and tear.

Free Up Your Hands

Keep your smartphone nearby to monitor chat, emails, and social media during long streams without constantly holding your phone. Clip it to the tray and scroll hands-free.

Musicians can keep capos, picks, slides, tuners close by. Speakers can reference notes. Podcasters can adjust mixers and recorders from their mic position. Keep water bottles and lip balm nearby during marathon sessions.

Whatever you need access to while using a mic, this adjustable stand tray creates a convenient home for it. Stop fumbling around and keep essentials at your fingertips.

One Tray, Hundreds of Applications

The versatility of this universal microphone stand tray makes it an essential accessory for:

– Musicians, singers, and karaoke performers
– Teachers, professors, and public speakers
– Broadcasters, podcasters, and live streamers
– Meeting hosts, aerobics instructors, pastors
– Voiceover artists, interviewers, MCs
– DIYers, gamers, content creators

It also makes a fantastic gift for any occasion. Surprise the performer, broadcaster, instructor, or creative in your life with this mic stand upgrade.

Stay smooth and hands free using the stage, studio, or workstation of your dreams with this multipurpose microphone stand tray. Order today to maximize every performance!


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