Unlock Your Inner Guitar God with the HOTONE Ampero Mini MP-50 Multi-Effects Pedal


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The search for the ultimate guitar tone is a quest that many embark upon but few complete. With the endless options and combinations of amps, pedals, and effects, guitarists can spend years and thousands trying to dial in their signature sound.

But what if you could achieve studio-quality guitar tones in a compact, intuitive pedal? What if you could emulate classic amp models and pair them with immersive cabinet simulations? What if you could have over 100 effects at your feet, ready to shape your tone in any direction?

With the HOTONE Ampero Mini MP-50, now you can.

Amp and Cabinet Modeling Brings the Biggest Amp Rigs Down to Size

At the heart of the Ampero Mini lies its powerful dual-core DSP platform, providing the processing power necessary to deliver Ampero-grade tone in a mini pedal format.

Choose from a collection of pristine amp models, from British classics like Vox and Marshall to modern American tones like Mesa/Boogie and Fender. Dial in the exact gain staging and EQ shaping that brings each amp to life.

Then load up one of the Ampero Mini’s IR cab sims designed to emulate the unique tonal response of real guitar speaker cabinets. From 1×12 combos to 4×12 stacks, you can shape your tone with the specific cabinet and microphone placement combination that works best for your amp setting.

With this level of detailed and versatile amp and cabinet modeling, the Ampero Mini grants you access to an arsenal of sought-after guitar tones without requiring you to haul around stacks of amps and cabs.

Packed with Effects for Crafting Your Signature Sound

You could stop at the amp/cab modeling and have a powerful tone-shaping tool, but the Ampero Mini takes it to the next level by also providing over 100 studio-grade effects to add color, dynamics, and interest to your sound.

Select from essential effects like compression, EQ, delay, reverb, modulation, and more. Use the flexible FX module signal chain to blend up to 9 simultaneous effects. Create combinations like distortion into chorus and delay, or compressor into overdrive then reverb. With the ability to completely customize your effects signal path, the possibilities are truly endless.

The Ampero Mini comes loaded with 198 unique presets designed by top guitarists and tone experts. Scroll through these professionally crafted tones for instant inspiration. Use them as-is or as starting points for creating your own signature presets.

Intuitive Interface Keeps Your Focus on Playing

With its compact size and intuitive controls, the Ampero Mini is designed to reside transparently on your pedalboard – shaping your tone without distracting your attention.

The sharp 4-inch color touchscreen provides you with one-touch access to effects and amp/cab parameters. No complicated menus or tiny text – just tap on the icon of the setting you want to adjust.

The 4 assignable footswitches with halo LEDs allow you to switch effects or presets on and off with a tap of your foot. Focus on your playing and change tones in an instant.

Streamlined editing software for Mac and Windows provides alternate access for managing presets and globally configuring the pedal to your preferences.

Gig and Record Ready Performance

The Ampero Mini packs a suite of features to enhance both your live performances and studio recordings.

The built-in 100 drum rhythms provide backing tracks to jam along with. Choose from rock, blues, pop, metal, and more.

The 100-second looper allows you to layer riffs and phrases on top of the drum patterns so you can build full compositions all within the pedal.

Use the USB audio interface to plug the Ampero Mini straight into your computer. Stream studio-grade amp and effect tones as you record. No need for amp or mic sim plugins – get pro tones instantly.

The amp-in-a-box design with standard 9V power supply means no additional amplification required. Take it to the studio, rehearsal space, or stage for authentic amp tone anywhere.

Unlock Your Tone Quest

For guitarists seeking studio-level tone in a pedalboard-friendly format, the HOTONE Ampero Mini MP-50 delivers. With its dual-core DSP power, versatile I/O, and intuitive editing, the Ampero Mini makes it easy to unlock your ultimate guitar tone.

Embark on the quest and let your inner guitar god shine.


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