UpBright 9V AC Adapter for Roland JUNO-DS/JUNO-DS76 Keyboard – Reliable Replacement Power Supply




Keep your Roland JUNO-DS or JUNO-DS76 keyboard performing at its best with this UpBright 9V AC power adapter. This high-quality replacement adapter provides steady, reliable power to avoid issues caused by unreliable power.

Rugged Durability for Performance Peace of Mind

The last thing you want is your keyboard losing power in the middle of a gig. UpBright builds their adapters for maximum durability to deliver reliable power show after show.

This adapter meets stringent quality standards with features like:

  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection

The integrated circuitry guards against power fluctuations, overloading, and short circuits that can damage your JUNO-DS. You get steady, uninterrupted power to let you focus on your performance.

UpBright does in-house safety testing on all their adapters before shipment. You can trust you are getting a rigorously tested adapter built to last.

Perfect Fit for Your Roland JUNO-DS/JUNO-DS76

This adapter was designed specifically for the Roland JUNO-DS and JUNO-DS76 keyboards. It outputs a regulated 9V DC, 1000mA power profile that perfectly matches the keyboards’ power input.

The connector tip securely fits the JUNO-DS/JUNO-DS76’s power jack and delivers a hassle-free connection. No need for easy-to-lose converters or loose-fitting plugs.

The 10 foot cable length allows flexibility for setups where the power outlet is far from your keyboard. Safely power your keyboard even if the outlet is in an inconvenient spot.

High Efficiency Circuitry Generates Little Heat

UpBright adapters utilize high-efficiency switching power supply circuitry to produce less heat than traditional linear adapters. This increases safety, reliability, and adapter lifespan.

Linear adapters waste energy by converting excess current into heat. That heat can damage sensitive electronics over time. It also risks fire hazards in poorly ventilated spaces.

Switching supplies convert current far more efficiently. They waste little energy as heat while outputting stable, clean power.

Universal Input for Consistent Power Anywhere

With a 100V – 240V input, this UpBright adapter automatically adapts for consistent power delivery anywhere in the world.

Plug into any 100-240V 50/60Hz power outlet found in the US, Japan, Europe, or anywhere globally. You get the exact 9V your JUNO-DS needs no matter where your performances take you.

There’s no need for bulky transformer bricks or voltage converters that add clutter. This adapter is an all-in-one plug-and-play solution.

Safety Features for Protection

UpBright builds in multiple safety features to keep you and your keyboard protected:

  • High quality materials resist fire and excessive heat
  • PSU insulation protects against electric shock hazards
  • No exposed copper or wiring prevents shorts and electrocution risks

The durable casing can withstand bumps and drops without breaking. Internal components are securely anchored to protect against shakes and vibrations.

With no exposed wiring or circuitry, there’s no danger of electric shocks from accidental contact. It’s safe to handle even in crowded spaces with limited room to move.

Backed by UpBright’s Warranty and Support

All UpBright power adapters are backed by their 30-day refund policy. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return it for a full refund or exchange.

They also provide a 24-month parts and labor warranty. This protects against the rare defective unit. Contact friendly customer support by email or phone for prompt assistance.

Get Steady, Reliable Power for Your Roland JUNO-DS/JUNO-DS76

Keep your keyboard performing at its best with this UpBright 9V AC adapter replacement. Rigorously tested for safety and reliability, it gives you peace of mind during gigs and long practice sessions.

The regulated 9V output and Roland keyboard-compatible connector plugs in and powers up your JUNO-DS/JUNO-DS76 seamlessly. Take it anywhere with 100-240V world voltage input support.


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