Upgrade Your Acoustic with These Easy-to-Install Piezo Pickup Strips


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Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level

Playing guitar should be an expressive and dynamic experience. With these high-quality piezo pickup strips from Totority, you can easily amplify your acoustic guitar and open up a world of musical possibilities.

These thin and flexible pickup strips are designed to capture the nuances of your playing style. They sit unobtrusively under the saddle of your acoustic guitar, detecting vibrations for a dynamic and natural amplified tone. The strips are thin, allowing them to fit guitars with limited space under the saddle.

Installation takes just minutes, even for beginners. Simply remove the saddle and slide the pickup strips into place. Their low profile design won’t impact action or playability. The strips connect to an endpin jack or soundhole jack for quick amplification.

Upgrade Any Guitar for Powerful Performances

Totority’s piezo pickup strips are compatible with most steel-string acoustic guitars, classical guitars, and archtop guitars. Give your old beater guitar new life or take your prized instrument to the next level.

The pickup strips capture string vibrations evenly across all six strings for balanced output. Their wide frequency response highlights the warmth and resonance of your acoustic tone. You’ll hear crisp highs, robust lows, and everything in between.

Plug into an amp or PA system at your next gig or practice session for studio-quality sound. The world will finally hear the nuances of your playing style and the true voice of your instrument.

High-Sensitivity Piezo Transducers

These guitar pickup strips feature high-sensitivity piezo transducer technology for exceptional sound quality. Piezo transducers use crystals that create current when subjected to mechanical stress – in this case, the vibrations of your acoustic guitar strings.

Totority protects the piezo crystal elements within thin and flexible silicon housing. The strips are designed for easy installation and secure placement underneath the saddle. Their low profile prevents them from damping string vibrations for authentic acoustic tone.

Each pickup strip measures 57mm in length to accommodate most standard acoustic saddles. Need a longer pickup? You can connect two strips together for a wider sensing range.

Take Your Music to New Heights

Amplify your acoustic guitar tone and reach new creative heights with these easy-to-install piezo pickup strips. Their high-sensitivity piezo transducers will capture the dynamics and resonance of your instrument.

Use them to record in the studio, play live gigs, or practice at home without disturbing the neighbors. Plug into acoustic guitar amps, PA systems, audio interfaces, or direct recording boxes.

The package includes two durable pickup strips for stereo output. Install them in just minutes with no modifications to your instrument required.

Experience the true voice of your prized guitar like never before. Let your inspiration flow and share your music with the world. Totority’s piezo pickup strips open up new possibilities for every guitarist.

Totority Piezo Pickup Strips Features:

  • Package includes two 57mm piezo transducer pickup strips
  • Low profile design installs easily under saddle
  • Captures string vibrations for balanced amplified tone
  • Wide frequency response highlights acoustic tone
  • High-sensitivity piezo crystals with silicon housing
  • Compatible with most acoustic guitars
  • Quick installation – no mods to instrument required
  • Connects to endpin jack or soundhole jack
  • Take your acoustic tone to new heights

Transform the Sound of Your Acoustic Guitar

Experience rich, dynamic tone through amplification with Totority. Let your musical inspiration come alive and share it with the world.

These hassle-free piezo pickup strips install in minutes to capture the true voice of your instrument. Discover the versatility that amplification provides for both practice and performance.

Plug into your favorite amp or PA system and be heard like never before. The crystal-clear piezo transducer technology highlights every subtle nuance of your playing style.

Dial in your ideal tone – from sparkling highs to robust lows. The wide frequency response and balanced output bring out the best in your guitar. Let your inner musician shine through.

Take Your Guitar Playing to New Heights

Totority’s thin piezo pickup strips sit unobtrusively under the saddle to capture string vibrations. The flexible silicon housing secures the strips in place for feedback-free amplified tone.

Installation is quick and hassle-free, even for acoustic guitar beginners. Simply remove the saddle, slide in the pickups, and re-string – no permanent mods needed.

Whether you’re recording an album, playing a gig, or busking in the subway, these pickups unleash the true potential of your instrument. Let your creativity flow through a dynamic and expressive amplified tone.

Discover the versatility that tuning up provides. Go from softly fingerpicked tones to aggressive strumming seamlessly. The wide dynamic range of Totority’s pickups captures every nuance.

Experience your acoustic guitar like never before. Amplify its natural resonance and distinctive character. Let your playing shine with Totority.


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