Upgrade Your Sound with Lynoteel’s Folk Guitar Strings – 6 Pieces Steel Core Set for Richer Acoustic Tones


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Are you looking to improve the sound quality of your folk or acoustic guitar? Want clearer tones and increased sustain from your instrument? Then it’s time to upgrade those strings! Introducing Lynoteel’s folk guitar string set – 6 high-performing steel core strings designed for acoustic and folk guitars.

Crafted with quality winding wire and steel cores, these strings offer fantastic intonation, excellent tuning stability and a rich, bright sound. The steel core provides power and projection, allowing your notes to ring out with clarity and resonance. Whether you’re into fingerstyle playing, strumming chords or flatpicking solos, these strings will elevate your tone.


  • Set contains 6 strings – ideal for 6 string acoustic and folk guitars
  • Steel core mercerized winding wire for durability and crisp, defined tones
  • Well balanced string tension allows accurate and stable tuning
  • Provides a warm, full-bodied sound with plenty of volume and sustain
  • Strings are color coded for easy identification and installation
  • Great for practicing, jamming, live performances and recording

Tired of lackluster stock strings that go dead quickly? Want more punch and presence from your acoustic guitar? These strings are designed to inject life into your folk guitar’s voice. The steel core delivers excellent magnetic responsiveness, translating into richer harmonics and better note separation.

Whether you love the warm, woody sound of mahogany or the crisp brightness of spruce, these strings will complement the unique resonance of your instrument. The mercerized winding wire has been treated to resist corrosion and remain flexible, giving you extended string life.

Superior Construction for Optimized Playability

From the precisely wound steel core to the specialized nylon winding, these strings are engineered for top-notch sound and feel. The hexagonally shaped core wire provides ideal flexibility while the smooth winding allows comfortable fingering and fast playing. Proprietary blending and string coating minimizes unwanted squeaking and fret noise as you play.

Since these strings are available in matched sets, you can be assured of balanced tension across all 6 strings. This makes tuning hassle-free and allows greater tuning accuracy. The uniformity also enhances intonation, allowing you to play up and down the neck confidently.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

String changes can be frustrating, but not with this user-friendly 6-piece set! The color-coded strings take the guesswork out of getting each one in the right place on your guitar’s headstock and bridge. Just match the colors on the ball ends to your tuning keys for quick, foolproof installation.

To keep your strings sounding their best, remember to clean them after each use with a microfiber cloth. Regular cleaning preserves tone and removes dirt, skin oils and other gunk that can impede vibration. It’s also important to change your strings every few months since they lose tension and brightness over time.

Take Your Playing to the Next Level!

Whether you’re practicing scales, learning new songs or gearing up for a gig, these strings will give your performances a noticeable boost. Their crisp, balanced sound allows melodies, chords and bass lines to cut through clearly. Notes ring out longer, letting you highlight sustained tones or create more complex fingering.

Upgrade to Lynoteel’s steel core folk strings now and hear the difference on your own guitar! Complete your order today to enjoy:

  • Increased volume, resonance and warmth
  • Enhanced note separation and articulation
  • Outstanding intonation across the fretboard
  • Excellent tuning stability and pitch accuracy
  • Long-lasting, bright and defined acoustic tone

Our strings are designed by musicians, for musicians. We know you’ll appreciate the noticeable improvement in clarity and playability. Order a set now to take your folk guitar playing to the next level!


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