V8-Live Sound Card – USB External Karaoke Recording Mobile Audio Mixer for Live Broadcast & KTV


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Are you looking for a versatile live sound card that can enhance your audio experience? Introducing the incredible V8-Live Sound Card, the ultimate USB external device that takes your sound to the next level!

This powerhouse sound card is packed with features to elevate all your audio needs, whether you’re live streaming, singing karaoke, broadcasting live, recording music, or just chatting with friends. The intelligent noise-reduction chip and high performance computing provides clearer, more stable sound quality in any environment.

One of the major benefits of the V8-Live Sound Card is the ability to adjust the volume to suit your needs. With customizable reverberation size, microphone volume, and high bass adjustment, you can tweak the settings for optimum audio at home, the office, internet cafes – wherever you are!

The sound card gives you total control over your audio experience with independent volume controls for recording, music playback, and monitoring/earphone. You’ll be able to achieve the perfect balance between captured audio and listening volume. Plus, it supports both mobile and computer use with a single headset.

When it comes to compatibility, the V8 delivers flexible options to match your live broadcasting setup:

  • Mobile phone & computer synchronous live streaming
  • Single computer live streaming
  • Computer accompaniment with mobile phone live streaming
  • Instrument input mobile phone live streaming

Whether you want to live stream your guitar playing or use a computer for backing tracks while you sing into your phone, this sound card has you covered!

Adding even more value is the built-in 12 electric sounds and 12 sound effects. Take your broadcasts, recordings, and performances to the next level by integrating cool audio elements like applause, laughter, and different instruments into your productions.

And with 10 effect modes – including hall, space, radio, and more – you can apply high-quality reverberation however you please. The sound card truly provides endless options for enhancing vocals, instruments, back tracks, and computer audio.

If you’re ready to upgrade your audio game, the V8-Live Sound Card is the ultimate tool for content creators, streamers, musicians, podcasters, and anyone who wants flexible multi-purpose sound card with high-end features. With incredible quality, versatile connectivity, customizable settings, and built-in sounds and effects, the V8 delivers professional studio-like audio right at your fingertips.

Key Features:

– Intelligent noise-reduction chip for clear, stable sound

– Adjustable reverb, microphone volume, and bass

– Volume control for recording, music, and monitoring

– Mobile & computer connectivity with single headset

– Compatible with multi-device broadcasting

– 12 electric sounds & 12 sound effects

– 10 effect modes including hall, space, radio, and more

– Ideal for live streaming, karaoke, recordings, music, and voice chatting

Elevate your audio and unlock professional sound for all your needs with the incredible V8-Live Sound Card!


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