Vaguelly 2-Tier Keyboard Stand – Add a 2nd Level for Compact Storage




Maximize your available space with the Vaguelly 2-Tier Keyboard Stand. This sturdy extension gives you a second level to stack another musical instrument, speakers, or equipment right on top of your existing X-style or Z-style stand.

The adjustable width and rubber sleeves allow it to safely accommodate a variety of gear sizes, while the heavy-duty iron construction provides durable long-term use. If you need more room for your musical setup without taking up extra floorspace, this 2-tier stand is the perfect solution.

Compact and Convenient 2-Level Storage

Stage performers and home musicians alike know how cluttered things can get. With multiple keyboards, drum machines, speakers, and other gear to arrange, space gets tight really fast.

The Vaguelly 2-Tier Stand saves you space by stacking a second level right on your existing stand. Just slide it onto the top poles and tighten the adjustment knobs to secure.

Now you can pile on another keyboard, set of speakers, recording equipment, or anything else you need readily accessible. Thisvertical design keeps everything neat and organized without expanding your footprint.

Fits X-Style or Z-Style Stands

Designed for universal compatibility, the Vaguelly 2-Tier Stand works with standard X-style or Z-style keyboard stands.

As long as the top tubes are 25mm in diameter without any obstructing bolts or clamps, this extension can slide right on securely. No need to get a specialized stand – it works with what you already have!

The rubber sleeves at the end of each pole prevent scratching or damage to your equipment’s finish for safe resting. For home, studio, stage or storage use, this 2-tier stand offers a convenient way to double your usable space.

Adjustable Width for Versatile Setup

Accommodate equipment of all shapes and sizes thanks to the adjustable width mechanism. Simply loosen the knobs and slide the poles in or out to customize a snug fit ranging from 16.5 to 29.5 inches wide.

Safely store two slim synthesizer keyboards side-by-side or make room for larger speakers and monitors. Wherever you need an extra level without claiming more floorspace, the Vaguelly 2-Tier Stand delivers.

Heavy-Duty Iron Construction

This expandable stand is made from solid iron for maximum durability. The tough metal material provides sturdy support for heavy gear without bending or breaking over time.

The telescoping poles move smoothly when adjusting width and lock tightly in place with large knobs. With a weight capacity of up to 60 pounds, you can securely store a second layer of equipment worry-free.

The powdercoated finish resists scratches and scuffs even with frequent use and transport. Count on this 2-tier stand to serve your storage needs reliably for years before needing replacement.

Extra Space Right Where You Need It

Limited room is the dreaded reality for most musicians, producers, and DJs. It’s a constant battle to fit all your important gear into a confined area – and still be able to easily access it for use!

The Vaguelly 2-Tier Stand eliminates this problem by maximizing the space you already have. Add a second level to existing stands for key pieces like:

– Synthesizers
– Drum machines
– FX processors
– Mixers
– Speakers
– Headphone amps
– Microphones
– Laptops
– Controllers
– And more!

Whatever equipment would benefit from being at arm’s reach, simply place it on the second tier. Enjoy convenience and organization without overcrowding your studio or stage setup.


– Material: Iron
– Adjustable Width: 16.5 – 29.5 inches
– Dimensions: 33 x 31 cm
– Weight Capacity: 60 lbs
– Fits 25mm diameter tubes
– Rubber sleeve protectors
– Powdercoated finish

Reclaim Your Space

Between all the cables, instruments, accessories, and gear needed for production and performance, things get chaotic really fast. But extra room shouldn’t have to mean a bigger studio or storage unit.

With the Vaguelly 2-Tier Stand, just attach an instant second level to the stands you already own. Place another keyboard, speakers, recording equipment, or anything else you need within arm’s reach to save space and simplify your setup.

Ditch the clutter and reclaim your workspace with compact, convenient vertical storage!


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