VICASKY 30 pcs Immortality Guitar String Set for Classical and Folk Guitars




Elevate your guitar playing with this premium 30 piece guitar string set from VICASKY. Crafted using high-quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques, these strings are built to last while providing outstanding tonality and reliable performance.

Whether you’re a beginner learning classical guitar techniques or a seasoned folk musician playing your favorite traditional songs, this versatile string set has you covered. The set includes an assortment of 30 wound and plain strings, giving you plenty of options for stringing up your nylon or steel-string acoustic guitar.

Engineered for Optimal Playability and Intonation

The immaculate craftsmanship of VICASKY’s guitar strings results in superb intonation and playability right out of the package. The strings have been tension tested for accuracy and consistency, ensuring the gap between plain strings and wound strings is just right for balanced tension across the fretboard. This allows you to play complex chords and progressions smoothly without buzzing or dead notes.

The precise core-to-wrap ratios also enhance sustain and resonance. You’ll be able to achieve singing overtones, rich harmonics, and excellent note separation even when strumming vigorous rhythms or fingerpicking intricate melodies. The strings have just the right amount of flexibility as well, helping improve tuning stability during bends and vibrato.

Built to Last with Top-Grade Materials

These strings are constructed using high carbon steel and nickel-plated steel, giving you the ideal combination of strength and flexibility. The corrosion-resistant plating protects against oxidation and humidity for prolonged string life. You can expect these durable strings to hold their tune through repeated playing sessions without losing their vibrant tone.

The smoothly polished windings avoid premature wear on your frets too. By reducing excess friction, these strings maintain smooth playability even during extended practice hours. The hexagonal core wire provides excellent rigidity as well to keep your notes singing clearly when playing up the neck.

Universal Compatibility for Acoustic Guitars

This diverse collection of guitar strings is suitable for both nylon and steel string acoustics. With a wide range of gauges from .010″ to .052″, you can restring and customize any 6 or 12-string folk or classical guitar to match your playing style.

The lighter gauges are perfect for beginners since they require less finger pressure to fret notes and bends. The heavier gauges offer louder volume and fat low end if you need to cut through an ensemble mix. You can mix and match to create balanced or customized string sets.

The strings work great on both wider classical necks and steel-string neck widths. The ball ends allow easy installation on acoustic bridges with anchor pins. Clip the excess string ends for a clean look on guitars with through-body bridges.

Take Your Playing to the Next Level

Whether you’re playing Bach etudes, flamenco rhythms, or your favorite folk melodies, these versatile strings will help elevate your technique and musicality. Their crisp, balanced tone lets the true voice of your acoustic guitar shine through.

Dial in the guitar of your dreams with brighter treble, fuller bass, and the perfect tension for your playing style. Enjoy smooth transitions up and down the neck for rapid solos, comfortable chording, and singing vibrato.

With a premium set of strings built to last, you can focus on mastering new skills and developing your own musical voice. The reliable performance means you never have to cut practice sessions short due to dead strings.

Pick up the VICASKY 30 piece immortality guitar string set today and keep your music going strong with studio-quality tone you can rely on.


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