VICASKY Tube Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal – Vintage Optical Tremolo with True Bypass for Guitar and Bass




Take your guitar tone back in time with the VICASKY Tube Tremolo Pedal. This vintage-styled effects pedal utilizes an optical tremolo circuit and photoelectric tube to produce classic tube amplifier tremolo effects with true bypass. Dial in rotary speaker voicing for psychedelic warble or add pulsating rhythm to your riffs.

The VICASKY Tremolo Pedal is suitable for guitar, bass, and more. Use it to reduce unwanted string vibration or add vintage amp-style tremolo effects to your tone. The true bypass design prevents tone loss when the effect is disengaged.

Vintage Optical Tremolo

The VICASKY utilizes an optical tremolo circuit to produce warm, vintage tremolo effects reminiscent of classic tube amplifiers. This optical circuitry results in smooth, detailed tremolo without the harshness of some electronic designs.

Dial in a slow, rhythmic pulse or spin the RATE knob higher for rotary speaker impressions. From subtle to extreme, the VICASKY Tremolo Pedal puts a wide range of tremolo effects at your feet.

The optical circuit is powered by a photoelectric tube, adding to the rich, vintage vibe. Get those classic ’60s tube tremolo sounds with the flick of your toe.

True Bypass Design

The VICASKY Tube Tremolo Pedal features a true bypass design to maintain your core tone when the effect is disengaged.

True bypass routes your dry guitar signal around the pedal’s circuitry when off, preventing high/low-end loss and maintaining clarity. Your tone remains pristine even with the VICASKY off.

Some pedals use a “buffered bypass” with always-on circuitry in the signal path. This can result in muddiness. The VICASKY’s true bypass gives you the option of pure signal purity.

Control Tremolo Depth

Use the DEPTH knob to determine the intensity of the VICASKY’s tremolo effect. At minimum DEPTH settings, you’ll get subtle pulsations to add movement to your sound.

As you increase the DEPTH, the tremolo effect becomes more dramatic. Max out the knob for rhythmic on/off throb. Find your ideal tremolo intensity and lock it in.

The RATE knob adjusts tremolo speed from slow swells to fast rotary effects. Whether you want a mellow pulse or psychedelic warble, the VICASKY puts control over tremolo parameters at your feet.

Reduces String Vibration

In addition to vintage tremolo effects, the VICASKY can help reduce unwanted vibration and ringing of your guitar strings.

Some overdriven and distorted tones can result in excess string resonance muddying your tone. By adding a touch of tremolo, you can dampen sympathetic resonances for tighter sound.

Back the DEPTH knob down for subtle reduction in string vibration without pronounced tremolo throb. Clean up your high-gain tones.

Compact and Portable

The VICASKY Tube Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal features a durable metal casing and compact size perfect for pedalboards.

It takes up minimal space on your board while providing vintage tube tremolo whenever you need it. The VICASKY works great with combo amps, rack effects, or amp modelers.

Powered by a 9V adapter (not included), the VICASKY can go anywhere your pedalboard goes. It’s built road-tough to handle transport in a guitar case or bag. Add vintage vibe to your tone arsenal.

Summon the Sound of Yesteryear

The optical tube tremolo of the VICASKY Pedal summons up the sound of vintage tube amps. But it also provides control over the intensity and speed of the pulsating effect.

Whether you’re looking for subtle movement or extreme throb, this pedal puts optical tremolo at your feet. Dial it in when you need hits of the past to elevate your tone.

True Bypass Maintains Your Tone

Some pedals sap your core tone even when bypassing effects. The VICASKY’s true bypass design routes your dry signal around the pedal circuitry when off. This prevents muddiness and maintains the integrity of your tone.

Keep your sound pure and engage the VICASKY’s optical tremolo only when desired. The true bypass makes this pedal a tone-friendly addition to any pedalboard or rig.

Versatile Guitar Effects Pedal

While the VICASKY Tube Tremolo Pedal excels at conjuring vintage electric guitar tones, it’s also versatile enough for:

– Bass guitar – Add throb to basslines or reduce excess boom.

– Keyboards – Give synths, organs, and electric pianos a retro vibe.

– Acoustic guitar – Go for a more pronounced rhythmic pulse.

The VICASKY works with anything from subtle pulsation to intense chop. Expand the versatility of your tone palette with tube-style optical tremolo.

True bypass and compact size make the VICASKY Pedal ideal for any pedalboard or rig. Dial up tube tremolo without sacrificing tone purity.


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