VSN Vintage British Amp Distortion Pedal with Realistic Tube Amp Sound


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Guitarists searching for that authentic vintage British amp distortion sound need look no further than the VSN distortion pedal. Housed in a rugged, road-worthy alloy casing, this stompbox packs the warm, rich distortion tone of classic British valve amplifiers into a compact, pedalboard-friendly unit.

At the heart of this distortion pedal lies a specialized distortion circuit powered by the LEF-301A chip, meticulously tuned to capture the saturated drive and singing sustain of legendary British amps. From early Marshall plexis to Vox AC30s and beyond, the VSN pedal conjures up that unmistakable British distortion vibe.

Dialing in the perfect amount of gain is easy with the single knob control. Crank it up for searing leads and you’ll be instantly transported back to the golden age of rock. Low to medium gain settings deliver a range of overdrive tones perfect for classic rock riffs or bluesy soloing. The gain spectrum is exceptionally dynamic and responsive. Dig in with your guitar volume knob and the distortion smoothly cleans up.

While some distortion pedals sound harsh and sterile, the VSN enriches your tone with a warm, organic midrange emphasis that’s akin to a tube amp working its magic. These amp-like mids lend body and girth to single coils and sizzle to humbuckers. Chords retain their articulation and definition even at high gain settings.

Thanks to the true bypass switching, your core guitar tone remains unaffected when the pedal is disengaged. Pop it on to unleash the British fury. Take it off and your unprocessed signal paths flows straight to the next unit. An LED indicates the on/off status.

Despite its authentic tube amp tones, this stompbox couldn’t be easier to use. Simply plug in a 9V DC power supply, connect it to your guitar and amp, set the knob to your desired amount of gain and start riffing away. Within seconds you can go from clean to roaring British distortion.

While designed to excel at classic British distortion sounds, this pedal is versatile enough to handle just about any genre. Metal guitarists will appreciate its high gain capabilities and searing lead tones. Blues players can dial in lower gains for gritty soloing. Alternative and indie musicians will find the dynamic clean-to-dirty responsiveness perfect for adding textures.

Take your guitar tone back in time to the British invasion and beyond with the VSN distortion pedal. Modeled after the most coveted vintage tube amp tones, this stompbox makes it simple to conjure up that authentic old school distortion vibe. From classic rock to heavy metal and all points between, your tone craves the VSN.

Key Features:

  • Realistic vintage British amp distortion tones
  • Specialized distortion circuit with LEF-301A chip
  • Powerful, dynamic midrange emphasis
  • Single gain knob for dialing in the perfect amount of distortion
  • True bypass for unadulterated core guitar tone
  • Rugged metal alloy casing
  • LED indicator light
  • Compact size saves precious pedalboard space
  • 9V DC power supply included

Take Your Tone Back to British Invasion

From the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath and beyond, British guitar amps defined the tone of rock and roll in the 1960s and 70s. That distinctively warm, richly saturated distortion sound has never gone out of style. The VSN distortion pedal packs all that vintage British amp vibe into a single stompbox.

While tube amps are bulky, heavy and expensive, this pedal fits easily on any pedalboard and delivers those coveted British tones on demand. Want to nail Blackmore’s screaming Deep Purple leads? No problem. Axis: Bold as Love era Jimi Hendrix? You got it. Zeppelin’s first album crunch? Just set the VSN’s gain knob to your liking.

The dynamic clean-to-dirty response makes this pedal excellently suited to classic rock and blues. You can easily go from shimmering cleans to amp-like breakup to full on distortion. The guitar’s volume knob cleans up the gain for anything from woman tones to soaring solos.

Versatile Gain Spectrum

While the VSN distortion pedal excels at recreating British amp distortion, it’s also an incredibly versatile pedal suitable for any genre.

For hard rock, punk and metal, simply crank the gain knob clockwise for high gain tones. Scoop the mids on your amp and the VSN provides tight, aggressive riffing with notes that cut through the mix. Single notes scream for blistering solos. Chugging away on the low strings sounds absolutely monolithic.

Roll back the volume knob and you can go from Lamb of God to AC/DC at the stomp of a switch. The highest gain settings are perfect for doom metal and stoner rock. Kick on the VSN and feel your riffs rumble the room.

Lower gain sounds are equally impressive. With vintage voiced amps, the VSN provides rockabilly twang and surf rock rumble. For indie rock, alternative, or post-punk, the VSN adds just a touch of breakup and character. And of course, it’s a blues rock machine, with sweet, singing sustain.

Simple Controls

The VSN distortion pedal keeps things simple. Just plug in your guitar, amp, and 9V DC power supply. Set the single gain knob to taste and you’re ready to rock.

An LED indicates when the pedal is engaged. If you want transparent, unaffected tone, just switch to bypass operation. The LED will turn off indicating all electronics are removed from the signal chain.

Despite the compact size that saves precious real estate on your pedalboard, the VSN distortion pedal houses premium components that will stand up to years of use. The rugged metal housing ensures night after night of gigging and touring won’t take its toll.

Relieve your amp of distortion duties by letting the VSN take over. Shape your tone further by stacking it with your other favorite pedals. This pedal plays well with others, adding British warmth and harmonics before or after.

For any style of music, the VSN distortion pedal delivers iconic British amp tones with precision and authenticity. Experience the distortion sound that changed the world of guitar.


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