Waldorf Streichfett Desktop String Synth Module – Polyphonic Synthesizer with Dual Sound Engines and Onboard FX for Vintage String Sounds


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Experience the sweet, rich sound of symphonic strings with the Waldorf Streichfett desktop string synth. This compact polyphonic module packs powerful synthesis tools for creating lush, layered string textures with vintage character. Dual sound engines, flexible modulation options and built-in effects give you endless creative potential.

The Streichfett string synth module is ideal for producers, keyboardists and composers looking for an inspiring string machine to add rich textures and movement. The vintage inspired sounds range from silky smooth pads to animated plucked arps and leads. This little box of strings brings warmth, expression and polyphonic flexibility well beyond typical rompler patches.

Shape your sound with the dual-engine architecture, which layers a subtractive synth with a waveshaping engine. Tweak the balance between the two for unique hybrid tones. An easy workflow with just a few controls per engine makes it easy to craft sounds. Extensive modulation options let you add evolving, animated motion. Top it off with built-in phaser, chorus and delay effects.

Whether you produce electronic music, score for visual media or crave vintage synth textures, the Streichfett string synth adds deep, rich polyphonic strings like no other. This compact module fits perfectly into any studio or performance rig. Just plug it in, dial up some lush strings and let your creativity soar.

Key Features

  • Polyphonic desktop string synth module
  • Dual synthesis engines (subtractive and waveshaping)
  • Vintage modeled string machine sound
  • 49 full-size velocity sensitive keys
  • Chorus, phaser and delay effects
  • Assignable modulation wheel and controls
  • Seamless DAW integration via USB-MIDI

Vintage String Synth Sounds

At the heart of this unique synth is a meticulously crafted string machine emulation. The Streichfett conjures up the lush, animated sound of coveted vintage polyphonic synths like the Solina, Crumar and Freeman models. This treasured string synth tone comes from short looped waveforms matched with authentic filters and envelopes.

Beyond straight emulation, the dual synthesis engines provide the ability to craft entirely new hybrid string textures. Mix the subtractive synth’s rich saw/pulse waves with the raw edge of the waveshaper. Blend in noise to add atmosphere. Sculpt the sound with multi-mode filters and snappy envelopes. The result is a contemporary string synth capable of sounds the classics could never achieve.

Performance Ready Presets

The Streichfett comes packed with over 200 expertly programmed presets covering a range of string synth textures. This makes it easy to dial up inspiring sounds for your tracks right away. Categories include Warm Pads, Plucks, Bowed Strings, Keys, Arps, Sync Leads, Evolving Pads, Atmospheres and more.

Areas like modulation and effects are pre-mapped for all factory presets. Tweak cutoff, resonance and other synth parameters in real time using the knobs. Create sounds that transition and evolve as you play. Add motion and vibe with the two LFOs and other modulation sources. The intuitive layout makes the Streichfett feel like an instrument, not just a sound module.

Dual Synthesis Engine Architecture

The innovative dual synthesis engine design sets the Streichfett apart from other hardware synths. One section utilizes a traditional subtractive synth topology with saw and pulse waves passed through a multi-mode filter. The other synth section uses a waveshaping oscillator for raw, harmonic animation.

Blend the two engines to create original hybrid string textures. The waveshaper adds grit, bite and motion to the subtractive side’s mellow strings. Adjust the balance control to seamlessly mix between the two engines as you play. The multiple synthesis options let you sculpt sounds beyond standard rompler patches.

Polyphonic Flexibility

Create intricate multi-note string passages with the Streichfett’s advanced polyphonic capabilities. Most hardware string synths are strictly monophonic. The Streichfett delivers 49-voice polyphony for complex chords, arps and evolving sequences that would choke other synths.

Velocity sensitive keys make it easy to infuse expression into each note. Play rhythmic plucked parts, silky legato leads and flowing pad layers. The polyphonic flexibility makes this compact module feel more like a string ensemble at your fingertips rather than a limited monosynth.

Intuitive Hands-On Control

Shape your sounds in real time thanks to the hands-on, performance friendly layout. Cutoff, resonance and other crucial parameters have dedicated knobs for instant sonic tweaking. The two modulation wheels allow you to add pitch bends, LFO effects and more.

Two assignable buttons give you quick access to different functions like glide time and chord mode. Plus, matrix style patch points on the front panel let you route MIDI control messages, mod wheel, velocity and more to the sounds engines for dynamic articulation as you play.

Onboard Effects

Further enhance your string sounds with the built-in chorus, phaser and delay effects. Use the chorus to widen and sweeten the tone like a string ensemble. Add modulated phasing animation. Dial in the right amount of delay to create space and dimension.

Having these crucial effects right onboard saves you from complex routing and external FX units. Just plug the Streichfett straight into your mixer, audio interface or amp to instantly enhance your strings with professional polish right out of the box.

Made for Keyboardists and Producers

The portable tabletop format makes the Streichfett ideal for keyboardists and producers. Use it as a dedicated string synth voicing in a keyboard rig. Add polyphonic string layers to tracks for thrust and emotion. This inspiring instrument seamlessly integrates into any studio or live setup.

Power the Streichfett via USB along with transmitting MIDI data over USB. This allows for easy integration with modern computer based studios. Just connect a single USB cable from the synth to your interface or laptop. The compact footprint fits perfectly on tabletops, keyboard stands and desktops.

Vintage String Sounds with Modern Flexibility

The Waldorf Streichfett combines old-school string synth vibe with contemporary sound design flexibility. This polyphonic desktop module delivers signature string machine character, yet the dual engine architecture provides new possibilities. Modern features like USB-MIDI make integration effortless. Get ready to dial up lush, evolving strings like you’ve never heard before from this little sonic marvel.


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