Warm Audio BUS-COMP Stereo VCA Bus Compressor


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Give your mixes the iconic glue and pumping vibe of a high-end analog bus compressor with the Warm Audio BUS-COMP. Built around premium vintage VCA and transformer designs, the BUS-COMP brings that coveted vintage bus compression magic to your studio at a fraction of the cost.

Vintage VCA Technology

The BUS-COMP utilizes a custom subtractive balanced gain control VCA design based on classic vintage bus compressors. The all-analog VCA delivers the rich harmonic saturation, intuitive response and musicality that has made VCA compression so coveted. Dial in just the right amount of glue and attitude for your bus or stereo mixes.

Experience the immediate punch, fat low end, smooth midrange and silky highs that only a true VCA bus compressor can provide. The VCA’s natural compression brings cohesion and just the right blend of grit and shimmer.

5 Versatile Compression Ratios

A range of ratio settings gives you flexible control over the BUS-COMP’s degree of compression. For gentle level smoothing, opt for lower ratios of 2:1 or 3:1. Medium settings of 4:1 and 6:1 provide substantial, yet transparent bus glue. Or crank the ratio to 10:1 when you need to aggressively control dynamics and tame peaks.

No matter the ratio, the BUS-COMP delivers musical results thanks to the VCA’s smooth response and rich harmonics. compression never sounds squashed or lifeless. Dial in the exact blend of punch, fatness and sheen your mix needs.

Custom Transformer Coupling

To preserve sonic quality, the BUS-COMP uses custom Cinemag USA transformers on both the input and output. The input transformer provides isolation to eliminate noise, crosstalk and DC offset issues. The output transformer incorporates a proprietary winding technique to ensure low distortion and wide, flat frequency response.

These high-quality transformers maintain the purity of your audio signal through the compression process. You get clear, detailed sound with huge dynamic range and thunderous low end. The transformers add a touch of their own silky saturation as well for vintage mojo.

Flexible Sidechain Filtering

Tailor the BUS-COMP’s response using the smooth, tunable sidechain filter. Roll off low frequencies that may trigger unwanted pumping or distortion. Or create signature midrange ducking effects by tuning the filter to remove midrange frequencies.

Creative sidechain filtering lets you shape the compressor’s behavior, from subtle level control to rhythmic pulses. Filter sweep for the exact compression effects your mix needs. Sidechain listen makes filter setting easy.

Intuitive Analog Control

Forget complex menus and analysis – the BUS-COMP gives you immediate analog-style control over essential bus compression parameters. Quickly dial in threshold, ratio, attack, release and makeup gain using smooth, responsive pots. Input and Output Volume knobs provide ample level control.

Precision LED meters let you monitor gain reduction in real time. The BUS-COMP’s intuitive workflow integrates seamlessly into any studio and creative process. Just twist and listen as the gluing compression comes to life.

Experience the chest-thumping low end, rich midrange character and silky high-end shine that only genuine VCA and transformer designs can deliver. With an all-analog signal path and premium components, the Warm Audio BUS-COMP brings sought-after vintage bus compression mojo to your studio on a budget.


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