Way Huge Smalls Aqua-Puss Analog Delay Guitar Pedal – All-Analog Delay in a Compact Size


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The Way Huge Smalls Aqua-Puss Analog Delay delivers the iconic warm and rich analog delay tones of the original Aqua-Puss in a smaller, pedalboard-friendly enclosure. Experience the same bright, lively echoes and vintage slapback sounds that have made the Aqua-Puss a staple for guitarists for decades.

All-Analog Signal Path Preserves Your Tone

The Aqua-Puss Smalls features an all-analog signal path that keeps your guitar tone pure and organic. There are no A/D/A conversions as found in digital delays that can rob your sound of its warmth and dynamics. The analog bucket-brigade circuitry reacts and interacts with your playing just like vintage tape delays, producing natural-sounding echoes that enhance your tone instead of muddying it up.

Simple Three Knob Control

The Smalls Aqua-Puss is designed for ease of use, with just three main control knobs:

Delay – Controls the delay time from 30ms to 300ms
Repeat – Adjusts the number of delay repeats from 1 to infinity
Mix – Blends the delayed signal with the dry guitar sound

With this simple interface, you can quickly dial in short slapback delays or longer ambient echoes at the twist of a knob. The all-analog controls make it easy to find your perfect delay sounds.

Compact Size Saves Room on Your Pedalboard

The Aqua-Puss Smalls packs the legendary delay tones of its bigger counterpart in a smaller enclosure that takes up minimal space on your pedalboard. Measuring just 3.7 x 4.3 x 2 inches, it provides the same delay time range of 30ms to 300ms as the original. The Smalls version uses surface mount components to shrink the circuit down without compromising on the sought-after Aqua-Puss tone.

From Subtle Echo to Runaway Repeats

With its 300ms maximum delay time, the Aqua-Puss Smalls excels at producing everything from a subtle touch of echo to crazy runaway repeats:

– Fatten up chord work with a light repeat or two to thicken your sound
– Set short slapback delays for a vintage rock n’ roll vibe
– Get atmospheric by cranking up the repeats and delay time
– Push the feedback past infinity for mesmerizing oscillation/runaway repeats

From a hint of ambience to wild self-oscillating textures, this analog delay pedal brings creative delay possibilities to your pedalboard.

Enhance Your Tone with Iconic Delay

The Way Huge Aqua-Puss has been a go-to analog delay pedal for famous guitarists since the 1990s. The Smalls version packs the sought-after warm, gritty delay sound into a pedalboard-friendly stompbox. Set short delays to fatten up your tone or longer echoes to add depth and dimension. This all-analog delay interacts with your playing dynamics just like vintage gear. Whether you play rock, blues, country or any genre, the Aqua-Puss Smalls Analog Delay is a great way to enhance your tone with the organic vibe of analog that preserves the character of your guitar.


  • Same bright, lively analog delay tones as the original Aqua-Puss in a compact size
  • All-analog bucket brigade circuitry for organic, warm sounding echoes
  • Delay time range from 30ms to 300ms
  • Up to 300ms delay time
  • Delay, Repeat, and Mix knobs for easy tone dialing
  • True bypass switching
  • Runs on 9V DC power supply (not included)

Experience the warmth and character of analog delay in a pedalboard-friendly size with the Way Huge Smalls Aqua-Puss. Get those iconic Aqua-Puss tones that have shaped countless records in the past decades, now with extra space efficiency.


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