Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone Kit – Clip-On Mics for iPhone, Android, iPad, Laptop – Portable Mini Recording Mic Set for YouTube, TikTok, Interview, Vlogging




Elevate your audio quality with this wireless lavalier microphone kit. The easy plug-and-play setup provides crisp, clear sound for any device – no apps required. Just clip on the mini mics and start recording professional videos, podcasts, interviews and more.

Designed for ultimate compatibility, the included Type-C receiver connects seamlessly to iPhones, Androids, iPads, laptops and tablets. It even comes with handy Lightning and USB converters to ensure a universal fit. Whether you’re an iPhone vlogger, Android gamer streamer, or PC podcaster, this mic kit has you covered.

While tiny in size, these lapel mics pack a punch when it comes to performance. DSP noise reduction technology ensures your voice comes through loud and clear. It filters out unwanted background sounds for focused audio of you speaking. The mini windshields also reduce pops and crackling.

Operating wirelessly at up to 65 feet, you’ll enjoy interference-free recording. There’s no need to huddle close to your device. Move freely about the room with zero signal loss or sync delays. The long-lasting battery provides up to 6 hours of talk time for extended YouTube live sessions, Zoom calls and more.

Packed with two clip-on mics, the setup allows interview-style recording with multiple speakers. Each lavalier has its own channel, so you can capture crisp audio from two people simultaneously. For solo recording, use just one or toggle between the two mics.

Tired of tiny smartphone mics picking up every background noise? Say goodbye to audio issues with this lapel microphone kit. Here are some examples of how you can use it:

YouTube & Video Creation
– Vlogging with clear narration indoors or outdoors
– Boost commentary audio for gaming streams
– Conduct product reviews and unboxings without mic rumbling
– Improve audio for cooking demos, DIY tutorials and more

Podcasting & Voice Recording
– Enhance vocal clarity for podcasts & radio-style shows
– Record vocal demos or voiceover work in professional quality
– Useful for ASMR recording artists to amplify subtle sounds

Interviews & Remote Work
– Capture audio from multiple interview participants
– Ideal for recording meetings, conferences and panel discussions
– Great for remote video calls on Zoom, Skype or Hangouts

Live Streaming & Events
– Use for Facebook Live videos, church events & other live streams
– Boost your voice when presenting webinars or teaching classes
– Helpful for live reporting, speeches and public addresses

Social Media & Video Apps
– Level up your TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts
– Add pro-level audio to your videos with ease
– Use for dubbing TikTok duets or YouTube reactions

With incredible sound quality, wireless freedom and universal device support, this lavalier microphone kit has all your recording needs covered. The included windscreens, charging cables and carry case keep everything protected and organized for travels. Transform your content creation today!


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