WOGOD 6-Inch 8-Note Steel Tongue Drum – Soothing, Meditative Handpan for Stress Relief and Relaxation


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Escape the noise and find your center with the WOGOD 6-Inch Steel Tongue Drum. This high-quality handpan features 8 mesmerizing notes tuned to the soothing C5 scale for deep relaxation. Its compact, portable design lets you enjoy meditative music anywhere.

Create Calming, Centered Vibrations

Everything about the WOGOD Steel Tongue Drum is carefully crafted to produce the most relaxing tones. The drum’s notes range from D4 to C5 on the musical scale, creating a gentle, soothing sequence as you play.

Sleek carbon steel tongues vibrate inside the drum’s hollow body to produce lingering, ethereal tones. A layer of environmentally-friendly resin powder coats the drum for long-lasting durability.

With its high-quality steel construction and special finish, this handpan creates incredibly pure, stable tones. The sounds envelop you completely to wash away stress.

Compact and Portable for Music On-the-Go

Measuring just 6 inches wide, the WOGOD Steel Tongue Drum slips easily into a backpack or tote bag. Weighing only 1.1 lbs, it’s easy to take anywhere. Enjoy handpan music at home, the office, or on your travels.

The included carrying bag has thick padding to protect the drum when transported. An adjustable strap makes the bag easy to carry or attach to your backpack.

Wherever you need a few minutes of music therapy, you can take out the drum for some quick stress relief and recentering. The soothing tones lower anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate.

Play with Finger Picks or Mallets

The WOGOD Steel Tongue Drum can be played using traditional drum mallets or simply with your bare hands.

For beginners, we recommend starting with the included mallets. This gives you time to get a feel for the notes and build finger strength.

Once you have some experience, try playing with your hands using the included silicone finger picks. This creates a softer, more organic sound. The picks protect your fingers as you play.

After lots of practice, some musicians can play complicated rhythms on a handpan using just their bare hands. The drum is designed to be gentle on hands when played properly.

Experience the Soothing Benefits

The WOGOD Steel Tongue Drum promotes a deep sense of calm, perfect for:

  • Reducing anxiety and relieving stress
  • Lowering heart rate and blood pressure
  • Releasing tension and soothing sore muscles
  • Quieting a busy mind before sleep
  • Adding peaceful background noise to any room
  • Keeping you focused and centered

The handpan’s mellow tones create a blanket of serenity. Playing or listening to the drum is an excellent way to take a break and recenter yourself.

Keep it in your office to play during stressful workdays. Use it at home when you need to decompress after a long day. Its compact size makes it perfect for travel stress relief too.

Premium Complete Handpan Set

The WOGOD Steel Tongue Drum set includes everything you need to start playing:

  • 6-inch 8-note carbon steel tongue drum tuned to a C5 scale
  • Pair of rubber drum mallets
  • 6 finger picks for hand playing
  • Mallet holder that attaches to drum rim
  • Printed instruction ebook with playing tips
  • Durable canvas carrying case with shoulder strap

With this complete kit, you can start creating relaxation-inducing handpan music right out of the box. It makes a wonderful gift for music lovers and anyone looking to add more relaxation and joy to their life.

Discover Soothing Handpan Music

Bring home the rejuvenating sounds of the WOGOD Steel Tongue Drum. This premium handpan creates serenity with its mesmerizing tones tuned to a peaceful C5 scale. Compact and portable, it goes anywhere you need musical Zen.


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