XTUGA C-977 UHF Wireless XLR Transmitter and Receiver – Cut the Cord on Audio with 16-Channel UHF Wireless Connectivity for Microphones and Electric Guitars




Tired of getting tangled up in cables while performing on stage? Ready to cut the cord and go wireless with your microphones and electric guitars? Introducing the XTUGA C-977 UHF Wireless XLR Transmitter and Receiver system – the innovative solution for interference-free, cable-free audio transmission.

Engineered by XTUGA’s expert audio engineers, the C-977 system operates on the ultra high frequency (UHF) band, minimizing disruptive interference from phones, TVs, WiFi and more. Its 16 selectable UHF channels give you flexible options to configure multiple systems side-by-side without frequency clashes or signal drops.

The C-977 transmitter and receiver pack a powerful, 164ft wireless range, covering even the largest stages and venues. Perform freely, without limitations from short cables or wires. The built-in, rechargeable lithium batteries provide up to 8 hours of continuous use per charge, plenty for gigs, church services, conferences and events.

Simply plug your XLR microphone or 1/4″ guitar cable into the transmitter, pair it with the receiver, and you’re ready for cable-free singing, speaking and guitar playing. The auto-scanning receiver finds and locks onto the transmitter frequency automatically for quick, hassle-free setup.

Cutting-edge design allows zero-latency, high fidelity audio transmission. The system transmits 24-bit digital audio with 48kHz sampling rate, capturing every subtle nuance. You get pristine, natural audio over the airwaves. No signal quality loss or lags between sound source and output.

The easy-to-read LCD displays on the transmitter and receiver show battery levels, signal strength, frequencies and more. No more guessing if you’re about to run out of juice mid-show or have signal interference. You get real-time status updates for total performance confidence and control.

Tired of XLR cables that easily fail from winding and twisting? The C-977 includes a high quality XLR-to-1/4″ cable for converting any XLR microphone to the system. Just plug and go wireless. For guitarists, a 1/4″-to-XLR adapter cable lets you plug your guitar directly into the transmitter.

With the C-977 wireless system, say goodbye to tripping hazards and setup headaches. Sound engineers can move freely to optimize mic placement, rather than being shackled by cable lengths and positioning. Vocalists and guitarists can work the stage and get close to the audience without worrying about unplugging.

Why Choose the XTUGA C-977 Wireless System?

UHF Band Minimizes Interference: The UHF frequency avoids conflicts with WiFi, Bluetooth and other electronics that commonly disrupt audio signals. Enjoy clear, uninterrupted sound.

16 Channels to Manage Multiple Systems: With 16 frequency channel options, multiple microphone and guitar systems can operate in the same venue without crosstalk or interference.

164ft Wireless Range: An extended 164ft transmission range covers even the largest venues and stages. Sing, speak or play guitar unrestrained by wires.

Rechargeable Built-In Batteries: The transmitter and receiver pack integrated rechargeable lithium batteries for up to 8 hours of continuous use. No more swapping out AA batteries mid-show!

Zero Latency Sound: Real-time, lag-free audio transmission preserves the nuances and fidelity of your voice and guitar tone.

LCD Interface Screens: Instantly check battery life, signal strength, frequency status and more with the easy-to-read LCD displays.

Rugged Metal Housing: A durable zinc alloy casing protects the transmitter and receiver from bumps, knocks and abuse on stage and in transit.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty: We stand behind the quality of the C-977 system. Enjoy a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime customer support.

Cut the cord on sound and go wireless with the XTUGA C-977 UHF wireless audio transmitter and receiver system! With incredible range, zero interference and ultra low latency, you can finally roam free on stage without getting tangled up in cables.


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