Xuhal Balanced XLR Microphone Cables 6 Feet, Noise Reducing Male to Female Cable for Recording Studio and Podcasting


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Make the most of your recording, podcasting, and audio setup with this pack of 16 balanced XLR microphone cables from Xuhal. With 6 feet of length, these male to female cables provide the flexible connectivity you need to hook up microphones, mixers, preamps, and more.

Superior Noise Reduction for Clear Audio

Noise and interference are the enemies of quality sound. That’s why these Xuhal XLR cables utilize copper wire with oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductor construction. OFC minimizes resistance for balanced audio signal transfer without background noise or hum.

The cables also feature a braided foil shield that blocks electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). No more buzz or distorted sound – just pure, clean audio for your recordings and live performances.

Built to Last with Durable PVC Jacket

With their flexible PVC outer jacket, these microphone cables are designed for longevity and easy handling. The soft PVC jacket holds up against bend and flex over time without cracking.

Compared to nylon braided coverings, the PVC jacket is also easier to clean. Just wipe down the cables with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust – no need for special cleaners or brushes.

The black color hides wear, while the flexible jacket retains a tight wrap when coiled for storage. With 16 cables in the pack, you’ll always have spares on hand.

Compatible 3 Pin XLR Connections

On each end of every cable is a 3 pin XLR connector to match balanced XLR ports. The connectors feature silver-plated pins for optimal signal transfer and gold-plated shells for corrosion resistance.

Just plug and play with microphones, mixers, speakers, instruments, and audio interfaces equipped with 3 pin XLR ports. Common compatible equipment includes:

– Vocal microphones
– Condenser microphones
– Dynamic microphones
– Phantom powered mics
– Shotgun mics
– Wireless mic receivers
– Mixing boards and mixers
– Powered speakers
– Guitar and bass amps
– Keyboards and synthesizers
– DJ gear
– Lighting consoles
– Stage boxes
– DI boxes
– Audio interfaces
– Studio monitors
– And any other equipment with 3 pin XLR ports

With 6 feet of length, these cables provide enough slack for stage setups and studio recording. The OFC copper wire construction ensures no audio quality loss over the cable length.

Premium Sound for Music, Podcasting, and More

Whether you’re recording an album, podcasting, doing a livestream, or setting up PA and stage gear, these Xuhal balanced XLR cables enable pristine audio.

The noise-free microphone connectivity allows vocals, instruments, and audio to shine. Just plug in your XLR microphones and equipment, and you’re ready to produce professional sound.

For podcasters, the cables provide clear broadcast audio when using XLR microphones. In your home recording studio, they facilitate mic and mixer connections to capture audiophile-quality sound.

On stage, bands, presenters, and houses of worship rely on XLR cabling for the best live performance audio.


– Length: 6 feet
– Connectors: 3 pin XLR male to 3 pin XLR female
– Conductor: OFC (oxygen-free copper)
– Shielding: Braided foil
– Jacket: Flexible PVC
– Color: Black
– 16 cables included

Take your recordings, live sound, and audio projects to the next level with these balanced XLR microphone cables from Xuhal!


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