Yamaha FGX5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar


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The Yamaha FGX5 acoustic-electric guitar delivers legendary Yamaha quality and tone in an accessible package for aspiring musicians. With a solid Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides, this 6-string guitar produces bright, balanced acoustic tones that project beautifully. The thin, comfortable mahogany neck allows easy playability, while the rosewood fingerboard and bridge provide crisp note articulation.

Atmosfeel Pickup System

This FGX5 features Yamaha’s Atmosfeel pickup system, which captures the guitar’s natural acoustic tone and converts it into an organic-sounding amplified signal. An under-saddle piezo pickup works with an onboard preamp that ensures even tone across all six strings when plugged into an amplifier or PA system. Volume and tone controls allow you to shape your amplified sound.

Quality Materials for Great Tone

The solid Sitka spruce top on the FGX5 is a classic acoustic guitar tonewood, providing excellent projection, clarity, and responsiveness. As you play harder, the spruce produces brighter, livelier tones. The gloss finish adds protection while retaining resonance.

Mahogany is used for the back, sides, and neck. Known for its balanced sound with solid lows and smooth mids, mahogany complements the spruce top beautifully. The mahogany neck has a slim taper for easy handling, while the rosewood fingerboard has dot inlays for clear fret placement.

The rosewood bridge transfers string vibrations efficiently for full-sounding tone. Chrome die-cast tuning machines keep the FGX5 tuned up accurately during practice and performance. Yamaha quality ensures this acoustic-electric guitar stays in tune and plays smoothly for years to come.

Ideal for Practice, Performance, & Recording

The Yamaha FGX5 is a perfect choice for developing acoustic guitar skills at home or on stage. The compact folk-style body provides comfortable playing feel in a very portable package. The cutaway design allows easy access to upper frets for learning barre chords, lead licks, and more.

When plugged in, the Atmosfeel pickup system captures your playing nuances and projects them through an amplifier or PA. The FGX5 amplifies evenly, without the quacky piezo sound of lesser systems. Volume and tone controls enable you to dial in just the right blend for any venue.

The FGX5 is also a great acoustic for recording in the studio. The balanced natural tone sounds excellent through studio mics and mixes well with other instruments. For direct recording, the Atmosfeel pickup delivers authentic acoustic sound right to the mixing board or computer interface.

Yamaha Build Quality & Reliability

With over a century of experience crafting fine acoustic instruments, Yamaha is renowned for impeccable build quality. Every FGX5 is set up by skilled technicians for optimal playability right out of the box. Premium materials are carefully chosen for tone, reliability and aesthetic appeal.

As a global leader in musical instrument innovation, Yamaha outfits the FGX5 with electronics designed specifically for acoustic guitars. The Atmosfeel system expertly amplifies the guitar’s natural tone qualities. Controls are conveniently placed for easy adjustments mid-performance.

Like all Yamaha acoustics, the FGX5 is backed by Yamaha’s limited lifetime warranty for quality assurance and peace of mind. For an acoustic-electric that will last from your first lessons to concert stages and recording studios, choose the Yamaha FGX5.


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