Yamaha Mini-key Portable Keyboard PSS-A50 – 37 Note Ultra-Portable and Powerful Keyboard with Rich Sounds


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Bring professional power and expressiveness with you anywhere with the Yamaha PSS-A50 mini-key portable keyboard. Weighing less than 3 pounds, this ultra-light 37-note keyboard packs impressive capabilities into a compact, portable body.

Professional Quality in a Mini Keyboard

This keyboard inherits the outstanding touch and feel from Yamaha’s renowned Reface series. The mini keys provide a natural playing feel that belies the keyboard’s tiny footprint. The keyboard is highly responsive and expressive, allowing pianists to deliver nuanced musical performances anywhere.

Rich Selection of Realistic Voices

With 128 high-quality voices, the PSS-A50 covers a diverse range of instrument sounds from pianos and electric pianos to organs, guitars, brass, strings, and drums. The piano and electric piano voices realistically emulate the tone of real acoustic and electric pianos with authentic resonance, decay and character.

Powerful Onboard Tools for Creativity

The PSS-A50 equips musicians with an arsenal of tools for spontaneity and inspiration. The phrase recorder allows you to record short musical phrases and loop them back as accompaniment. The arpeggiator takes the notes you play and intelligently creates rhythmic, melodic patterns and riffs, sparking new musical ideas. Apply pitch, filter and modulation effects to dramatically transform the keyboard’s onboard voices.

Jam Anywhere with Battery Power

Powered by 6 AA batteries, the PSS-A50 gives you the freedom to play and create music anywhere – at home, outdoors, or on the go. With battery operation you don’t need to be tethered to a wall outlet, allowing true portability and mobility.

Take Your Keyboard Skills Anywhere

The PSS-A50 is perfect for pianists, musicians and music students who need a highly portable keyboard for practice, lessons, composition and performances:

  • Piano students can master technique and build skills with responsive, touch-sensitive keys
  • Gigging musicians have a lightweight keyboard to take to shows and rehearsals
  • Songwriters have inspiration and realistic instrument sounds at their fingertips wherever they go
  • Music teachers can bring an ultra-portable keyboard to students’ homes or on location

Weighing less than 3 pounds, the PSS-A50 slips easily into a backpack or gig bag. Take it anywhere you want rich, realistic sound and music creation capabilities.

Connectivity for Performances and Recording

Though highly portable, the PSS-A50 provides connections for integrating with your other gear. Use the line/headphone jack to connect to an amplifier, mixer or headphones for amplified sound. Plug into your DAW or audio interface with USB-MIDI to record songs and compositions using the PSS-A50’s sounds.

What’s in the Box

The PSS-A50 package contains everything you need to start playing, creating and performing:

  • Yamaha PSS-A50 keyboard
  • Music rest
  • USB cable
  • Owner’s manual

Take Your Music Places with Yamaha’s Mini Portable Keyboard

The PSS-A50 puts Yamaha’s renowned sound quality and playability into an ultra-portable package. With rich, realistic voices, built-in creative tools and battery-power, this mini keyboard is ready to go wherever your music takes you. Get professional features and Yamaha refinement in a compact, lightweight keyboard and enjoy making music anywhere.


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