Yamaha PSRSX900 Arranger Workstation Keyboard – A Powerful and Inspiring Tool for Musicians


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The Yamaha PSRSX900 is an incredible arranger workstation keyboard that provides musicians with a wealth of professional features in a sleek, portable design. Whether you’re a beginner looking for auto-accompaniment styles to help you sound your best or a pro needing realistic instrument voices and flexible live performance options, the PSRSX900 delivers.

Touch Screen for Intuitive Control

The large 7-inch color touch screen makes the PSRSX900 easy and intuitive to use. See assigned voices and styles at a glance, then quickly access settings and features with just a tap. The screen is angled upwards for optimal viewing while you play.

Joystick Controller Allows Expressive Playing

One of the standout features of the PSRSX900 is the joystick controller. This allows you to bend pitches, shape modulation effects, and add nuance to your playing. Whether you’re performing jazz, blues, or world music styles that use pitch bending, the joystick makes it easy.

Real-Time Control Knobs for Sonic Shaping

The real-time control knobs act like filters and sound shapers on an analog synth. Tweak the harmonics and texture of voices while you perform for exotic effects. This level of expressiveness means you aren’t limited to the static sounds in the PSRSX900. You can morph them on the fly.

Chord Looper Frees Up Your Hands

Struggling to solo or play two-hand parts because you’re stuck playing chords for the accompaniment? The chord looper solves that problem. Simply record a chord progression and the PSRSX900 will loop it seamlessly while you play over the top.

Reset to Start with One Button

If you need to reset to the start of a style’s rhythm pattern, just press the Reset button. This helps you get back on track if you or another musician loses the beat. It’s an easy way to resynchronize your performance.

Massive Library of Voices and Styles

The PSRSX900 comes packed with 1,605 instrument voices, including stunning pianos, organs, strings, synths, drums, guitars, and more. You also get 585 auto-accompaniment styles in genres from pop to salsa to Indian. Expand your library with optional expansion packs.

Use as a MIDI Controller

With integrated MIDI capabilities, you can use the PSRSX900 as a MIDI controller for music apps, software, and external sound modules. This expands your creative options when performing or producing music.

Record and Play Back Songs

The built-in recorder allows you to capture your sessions as WAV audio files. Listen back to your performances or songs to share with friends and family. Alternatively, connect a USB flash drive to save your recordings.

Portable and Lightweight Design

Despite its considerable capabilities, the PSRSX900 weighs just 37.5 lbs. The contemporary black and silver body looks elegant. For live gigs, rehearsals, or studio work, you can transport the PSRSX900 with convenient side handles. It’s a professional instrument that’s easy to take anywhere.

Connect Other Devices

On the back panel, you’ll find USB ports to connect a flash drive, iOS device, or computer. There are also MIDI in/out jacks, aux line inputs, and balanced XLR outputs. The PSRSX900 integrates into your wider music setup.

Customize the Interface

The Home screen lets you customize the layout to suit your workflow. Have your most-used functions and settings readily available. Set up split points, part volumes, and more to your tastes. The PSRSX900 adapts to you.

Jam Along with Audio and Video

Another way to get creative is by connecting external audio players, mics, or video devices via the aux inputs. Jam along to your favorite songs and watch tutorial videos. Make the most of your practice sessions.

Helpful Guidance for Beginners

If you’re new to keyboards, the PSRSX900 provides guidance to help build your skills. The Step Up Lesson feature shows you how to play 100 songs using video tutorials. Quick sampling shows you how to easily create original voices.

Superb Sound System

Two 25W amplifiers drive two 12cm speakers to deliver rich, powerful audio direct from the PSRSX900. The stereo effects system creates a spacious feel so you become fully immersed in your music. Two 1/4″ headphone jacks allow private practice too.

In summary, the Yamaha PSRSX900 is one of the most advanced arranger workstations available today. The intuitive interface, expressive control options, massive sound library, and portable design make it appealing to beginners through to professionals. If you’re looking for a keyboard that can handle any gig and provides endless inspiration, choose the PSRSX900.


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