Yasisid Bb Standard Trumpet Set – Complete Brass Instrument with Case & Accessories for Beginner and Intermediate Players


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Start your musical journey with the Yasisid Bb trumpet, a high-quality brass instrument packed with everything beginners need to begin playing right out of the box. The versatile trumpet delivers a bright, bold sound perfect for jazz, classical, orchestral and more.

Built for New Players

The Yasisid student trumpet is designed to give aspiring musicians an easy introduction to the instrument. The Bb trumpet offers excellent intonation across all registers from low to high notes. Produce a wide range of tones, from soft and mellow to loud and piercing.

Lightweight construction with precise valve action makes it easy for new players to hold and produce notes. The 11.65mm bore strikes an ideal balance of control and projection. Effortlessly move between intricate passages to powerful melodies.

Quality Brass Build

Constructed using premium yellow brass for a beautiful golden finish, the Yasisid trumpet generates a rich, singing tone. The durable brass body will last for years of continuous practice and play.

Attention to detail like the 1.35m pipes ensure precise sound production and intonation. Nickel-plated tuning slides prevent corrosion while providing smoother action. The 123mm bell projects your sound loudly with no distortion.

Every component of the trumpet is finely crafted for optimal sound, playability and longevity.

Responsive Valve System

The three piston valves are the heart of any trumpet, and Yasisid uses only the highest grade components. Durable stainless steel pistons provide smooth, rapid action.

Soft, fast-rebound springs allow you to move from note to note with less effort. The dual waterproof design prevents valve leakage for uninterrupted play. Tight tolerances between valves and casings seal in air for perfect sound.

Complete Student Trumpet Set

The Yasisid trumpet package includes everything beginners need to start playing straight out of the box:

– Bb Trumpet with 7C mouthpiece
– Durable hard shell case
– Pair of gloves
– Cleaning kit with brush set
– Polishing cloth
– Backpack-style carrying bag

The included hard case keeps your trumpet safe during transport and storage. Gloves help prevent fingerprints and smudges on the shiny finish. Use the cleaning tools to keep your new trumpet in optimal playing condition.

Ideal for Students of All Ages

The Yasisid Bb trumpet is the perfect choice for elementary, middle, high school and college music programs. Students learning the instrument for the first time will appreciate the easy playability and rich tone.

Intermediate players can continue developing their skills on this well-constructed trumpet. The versatile sound works for everything from jazz band to marching performances. With proper care, this trumpet will last through graduation and beyond.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Yasisid provides a 45-day money back guarantee along with lifetime support should any issue arise. Our helpful customer service team will promptly assist with any product questions or needs.

The Yasisid student trumpet makes an excellent gift to encourage a young musician. Surprise them today with the tools to start their own inspirational musical journey.

Technical Specs:

– Bore: 11.65mm
– Bell: 123mm
– Pipes: 135cm
– Weight: 1.08kg
– Brass: Yellow Brass
– Finish: Lacquered
– Mouthpiece: 7C

Empower the musicians of tomorrow and order the complete Yasisid Bb trumpet set today. It comes ready to play right out of the box!


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