Yootones Drum Microphone Rim Mount Holder – Sturdy Metal Clamp for Mics on Drums


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Capture the beat of your drums with this high quality drum microphone mount from Yootones. Designed to securely attach a microphone to your drum rims, this shockproof clip lets you position the mic perfectly to pick up the true sound of your drums.

Sturdy Metal Build for Reliable Performance

Constructed from durable steel with a sleek black finish, this drum mic clip is built to last through countless gigs and practice sessions. The sturdy metal material and intelligent design ensure the mount won’t loosen or slip, even if you’re pounding away on your kit.

Adjustable Clamp Fits Most Drum Sizes

Thanks to the adjustable screw, this universal drum microphone holder can be tweaked to fit snugly onto drum rims ranging from 6 to 18 inches in diameter. Whether your drum set is rocking massive bass drums or compact toms, this mount gets the mic right where you want it.

C-Style Arm Positions Mic Perfectly

The C-shaped arm on this drum rim clamp allows for precise positioning of the microphone capsule. Point the mic directly at the drum head to capture the bright attack. Angle it slightly off axis to shape a warmer, more rounded tone. This versatility makes it easy to find the perfect spot for excellent drum sounds.

Easy and Secure Setup

Just slide open the drum clamp, place it onto the rim, and tighten the screw to secure the mount in seconds. The heavy-duty steel construction and textured rubber pads grab firmly onto the drum rim for a tight and slip-free fit. The standard 5/8″-27 thread fits most common mic clips and booms.

Protects Delicate Mics from Vibration

Thanks to the shock-absorbing rubber bushings, this drum mounting system protects fragile condenser mics from the intense vibrations of your drum kit. Your expensive microphone will be safe from the damaging forces that can ruin lesser mounts.

Universal Mic Mount for Recording and Live Sound

This versatile drum rim mount is ideal for both live and studio use. Sound engineers can use it to mic up drum kits during concerts and live performances, allowing them to mix and amplify the onstage sound. Musicians can rely on this sturdy clamp while recording drums in the studio.

Why Choose the Yootones Drum Mic Mount?

  • Heavy-duty steel construction for durability
  • Secure rubber pads prevent slipping
  • Adjustable clamp fits 6″ to 18″ drum rims
  • C-arm allows precise mic positioning
  • Standard 5/8″-27 thread works with most mics
  • Shock-absorbing bushings protect mics
  • Ideal for live sound and recording studios

Get the Most from Your Drum Mic

Elevate your drum recordings and live performances with this high quality drum microphone clip mount from Yootones. The sturdy metal build and secure fit prevents slips and failures even at loud volumes.

Precisely place your mic to accentuate attack, isolate drums, or shape warmer tones thanks to the fully adjustable C-arm. The shock-absorbing bushings shield fragile condenser mics from drum vibration for reliable performance.

Whether you’re tracking drums in the studio or mic’ing up a drum kit for a live show, this durable drum rim mount gets the mic exactly where you want it. The Yootones drum mic clip is built to last, so you can rely on flawless drum sounds gig after gig.

Order Today and Capture Superior Drum Sounds

Elevate your drum sounds with this heavy-duty drum microphone mount from Yootones. The universal steel clamp secures tightly to rims from 6 to 18 inches for reliable mounting. Adjust the position with the versatile C-arm to find the perfect spot.

Designed to protect delicate mics from vibration while isolating and capturing the true sound of your drums. Order the Yootones drum mic mount today to take your recordings and live performances to the next level!


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