Zoom B1X FOUR Bass Multi-Effects Processor




Take your bass tones to new heights with the Zoom B1X FOUR, an ultra-portable multi-effects processor packed with amp/cabinet models, effects, rhythms, and more. Perfect for practice, performing, and recording, the B1X FOUR puts unmatched versatility in the palm of your hand.

71 Effects and 9 Amp Models

Dial up just the right tone with 71 built-in effects like compression, EQ, delay, reverb, and modulation. Shape your sound further with amp and cab modeling based on classics like the Ampeg SVT, Hartke, and more. Save your favorite settings as 50 onboard patches.

Built-in Looper, Tuner, and Jam Along Rhythms

The B1X FOUR’s 30-second looper lets you layer riffs and melodies on the fly. Choose from 68 drum and percussion patterns in different styles to jam along. The chromatic tuner ensures you’re always in tune.

Designed for Bassists

Made specifically for bass, the B1X FOUR features optimized preamps, effects, and amp models. The angled design provides easy visibility while the expression pedal controls wah/volume. Power it with 4 AA batteries or the included AC adapter. Unleash your bass creativity anywhere with the Zoom B1X FOUR!


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