ZXSYYDS Portable Soundproof Booth Desktop Soundproof Cover Soundproofing Acoustic Foam Panel Recording Booth for Home Studio


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Tired of background noise ruining your recordings? Searching for an easy way to create a professional recording environment right on your desktop? Look no further than the ZXSYYDS Portable Soundproof Booth!

This innovative device is specifically designed to provide superior sound isolation and acoustic treatment, transforming any room into a fully-functional recording studio. The portable and lightweight foldable design sets up in seconds without tools or hardware. Simply unfold the panels and you have an instant vocal booth or podcasting studio ready to deliver clean, professional-grade recordings.

Constructed from high-density acoustic foam panels wrapped in durable Oxford cloth, the ZXSYYDS soundproof booth absorbs sound reflections and dampens outside noise caused by televisions, pets, office chatter and other distracting audio. The acoustic foam traps sound waves rather than reflecting them, creating a neutral recording environment free of excess reverb, echo and external noises.

The flame-retardant material ensures safety, meeting flammability standards and extinguishing rapidly if ignited. You can record podcasts, vocals, instruments and more with confidence thanks to the secure, fire-resistant construction.

With dimensions of 80 x 80 x 80cm, the indoor soundproof enclosure provides ample space to comfortably sit or stand while recording audio. The enclosure fits directly on top of a desk or table surface, providing a private space to focus on your recording session without disruptions.

Whether you’re creating a professional podcast, recording vocals for your next hit song, or producing slick YouTube videos, the ZXSYYDS Portable Soundproof Booth delivers studio-quality results in the comfort of your home. Upgrade your recordings and take your projects to the next level with this portable, yet powerful acoustic isolation solution.

Unmatched Noise Reduction for Home Recording Studios

Today’s creators need professional sound quality without the professional price tag. The ZXSYYDS Portable Soundproof Booth is the solution. Utilizing sound absorption technologies tested in high-end recording studios worldwide, this booth removes distracting reflections and background noise that hamper home recordings.

The acoustic foam panels are specifically engineered to trap sound waves, creating a neutral listening environment that allows vocals and instruments to be captured in pristine condition. By diffusing and absorbing audio rather than reflecting it, the booth prevents excessive reverb and echo while blocking external sounds.

Whether you’re recording podcasts, voiceovers, singing or acoustic guitar, this portable booth captures pure, organic sound free of coloration and ambient noise. Get isolation results comparable to professional recording spaces for a fraction of the price.

Quick and Easy Setup for Any Space

Who needs a permanent at-home studio when the ZXSYYDS Portable Soundproof Booth sets up in seconds wherever you need it? The innovative foldable design packs down small for storage and portability.

To set up the booth, simply unfold the panels and place on any desktop or table surface. The sturdy acoustic foam panels stay in position without hardware or mounting required. When recording is complete, fold up the hinged panels into a compact bundle.

With no assembly tools or complicated instructions required, you can transform your bedroom, office, closet or any other room into a recording studio almost instantly. The easy-to-transport acoustic enclosure can also be taken on the go to record anywhere inspiration strikes!

Premium Construction for Safety and Longevity

Built to withstand repeated use in the most demanding recording environments, the ZXSYYDS Portable Soundproof Booth is constructed from durable, high-quality materials designed to last.

The acoustic foam panels feature an Oxford cloth cover that protects the sound-diffusing foam from wear and tear during transport and setup. Fire-retardant properties meet safety standards, self-extinguishing rapidly if ignited to prevent the spread of flames.

The reliable, road-ready design holds up to frequent assembly and folding. Set up the booth for quick recording sessions or leave it in place as a permanent home studio solution. The premium Oxford cloth-wrapped foam panels maintain acoustic integrity over continual use.

Optimize Any Recording Environment

Home studios and offices often lack proper acoustic treatment leading to amateur-sounding recordings. With its superb sound isolation properties, the ZXSYYDS Portable Soundproof Booth optimizes any recording environment.

Vocals come through with stunning clarity, resonance and detail. Instruments lose their boxy tone, taking on natural warmth and presence. The neutral acoustic environment captures pure, organic audio free of distracting reflections and distracting background noise.

From professional podcasters and YouTubers to amateur musicians and voice actors, the portable sound booth delivers game-changing acoustic isolation to creators across all industries. Own the ideal personal recording studio for under $100!


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