1. Introduction

Welcome to Music Go Round! We are excited to have you use our platform for buying and selling used musical instruments and gear. Please take a moment to review these Conditions of Use, which outline the rules for using our services.

By accessing or using Music Go Round, you agree to be bound by these Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, you may not use our services. We may modify these Conditions at any time, and your continued use signifies acceptance of the updated terms.

2. Eligibility to Use Our Services

You must be at least 18 years old and able to enter into legally binding contracts to access our services. We prohibit use by minors unless expressly authorized by a parent or guardian over 18.

If you open an account, you represent that you are eligible to use Music Go Round and that all information provided is accurate. You agree to keep your login credentials confidential and not share your account with others.

3. Buying on Music Go Round

Our buying process connects sellers listing used gear with buyers seeking instruments and equipment. As a buyer, you can browse listings, communicate with sellers, and arrange purchases. Here are some key points about buying:

Item descriptions. Sellers create listings showcasing their gear for sale. They are responsible for accurately describing condition, features, and functionality. However, we do not verify listings. Carefully review photos and details before making offers or purchases.

Making offers. You can make offers on listings if permitted by the seller. Offers constitute a binding agreement to purchase the item if the seller accepts your proposed terms.

Checkout and payment. To complete purchases, you will checkout items in your cart and pay the seller directly. We facilitate messaging with sellers but are not involved in payment transactions.

Shipping. The seller is responsible for carefully packing and shipping purchased items. We recommend discussing expectations about shipping methods and timelines before finalizing transactions.

Inspection rights. You may inspect shipments for damage or inconsistency with the listing description and negotiate returns or refunds directly with the seller if necessary within 3 days of receiving the item.

Disputes. You agree to make reasonable efforts to resolve any disputes directly with sellers before contacting Music Go Round. We may assist in some cases if issues cannot be resolved cooperatively.

4. Selling on Music Go Round

Our platform makes it easy for musicians to sell their used instruments, amps, accessories and gear. As a seller, you can list items, manage sales, and ship to buyers. Here are key details on selling:

Creating listings. Provide a complete and accurate description of your used gear for sale along with photos representing its current condition. Disclose any defects or functional issues. List a reasonable price based on market value.

Listing practices. Do not mischaracterize items or omit material limitations on functionality that impact value. We prohibit bait-and-switch tactics and reserve the right to remove misleading listings.

Managing sales. You control the prices and terms for your listings. You decide which buyer offers to accept for your gear. Communicate clearly with prospective buyers.

Shipping expectations. You are responsible for properly packing gear to prevent damage in shipping and for reasonable delivery timelines. We recommend providing buyers tracking information.

Returns and refunds. Set clear expectations with buyers around inspection periods, return shipping costs, circumstances qualifying for refunds, and timelines for issuing refunds.

Non-payment. If a buyer does not submit payment after committing to purchase gear, you may report the issue and cancel the transaction after a reasonable period of attempting to resolve it cooperatively.

Prohibited items. Do not list items that violate laws or protected intellectual property rights. See Section 8 for additional restrictions.

5. Prohibited Conduct

To maintain a safe, lawful, and reputable platform, we prohibit certain abusive activities and content. You may not:

We may report prohibited activities to authorities, remove associated content, suspend or terminate access, and take any other reasonable actions to address policy violations.

6. Payments and Fees

Payment processing. Music Go Round uses a trusted third-party payment system. We do not process payments directly. All transactions occur between buyers and sellers.

Service fees. We charge service fees to sellers based on completed transactions. See our pricing page for current rates. We may also charge buyers premium fees for specialized services.

Taxes. Sellers are responsible for payment of any sales, use, or value-added taxes. Music Go Round will remit taxes to the appropriate authorities on behalf of sellers where required.

7. Listing Removal

Sellers maintain control over their listings. However, Music Go Round may remove or request modifications to listings in certain cases without prior notice, including:

Removed listings are not recoverable. Cache copies may persist in search engines or other sites even after removal.

8. Intellectual Property

Site content. All content on Music Go Round is either owned by or licensed to us and protected by copyright, trademarks and other laws. You may not scrape, repurpose, republish or redistribute protected content without authorization.

Member content. By submitting content like listings, photos or descriptions, you grant us license for display, reproduction and distribution on Music Go Round. You retain ownership of your listings but cannot reuse proprietary platform content.

Trademarks. The look and feel of Music Go Round including branding elements like logos and page layouts are trademarked and may not be copied. Listings may reference third-party trademarks nominatively to accurately describe gear capabilities.

Copyright claims. We respond expeditiously to remove listings containing stolen content or other copyright violations. Submit takedown requests via our online form. Knowingly submitting false claims carries heavy penalties.

9. User Content

Posting content. You bear sole responsibility for content published through your account. Do not share personal, confidential or sensitive information. Content found illegal or violating policies will be removed and may lead to account restrictions.

License. By posting text, images, audio or video to Music Go Round, you grant an unconditional irrevocable license to access, display, reproduce and distribute your content.

Monitoring. While we do not actively monitor user communications, we reserve the right to review content and communications associated with investigations or alleged policy violations.

10. Reviews and Ratings

Read reviews and seller ratings to inform purchase decisions. Leave fair, truthful feedback about your experience. Manipulating the ratings system through fake or biased reviews is prohibited and may result in removal of reviews or account-level actions.

11. Risk and Liability

Purchases. Carefully assess listings prior to committing to purchases. Music Go Round does not authenticate listings or guarantee item condition, accuracy, safety, or value. Verify key claims.

Shipping. We do not handle packaging, postage or delivery logistics. Inspect shipments promptly on arrival and resolve any damage issues directly with the seller per Section 3.

Investigations. While we may investigate disputes and conflicts between buyers and sellers as a courtesy, we make no guarantees related to intervention or case resolution. Use critical judgement when interacting with strangers in ecommerce.

Account access. Prevent unauthorized access by safeguarding login credentials. Promptly report suspected account compromise or suspicious behavior to infosec@musicgoroundstore.com so we can secure your account.

Service availability. While we aim for continuous online availability, Music Go Round relies on technology partners for underlying services like cloud infrastructure, networking and databases. We are not liable for delays, interruptions or outages beyond our direct control. Scheduled maintenance will be communicated whenever possible.

No endorsements. Music Go Round facilitates transactions without vetting, verifying or authenticating the capabilities, trustworthiness or qualifications of buyers or sellers. We make no claims or promises regarding member intentions, actions or commercial dealings. Proceed with appropriate caution when arranging off-platform interactions.

Assumption of risk. By using Music Go Round, you accept full responsibility associated with accessing member listings, communications and payments as well as obtaining, listing and shipping items. Carefully assess risks and exercise good judgement when interacting with strangers on the internet.

12. Privacy and Security

Privacy. We respect your privacy and implement safeguards to protect personal information. Our Privacy Policy explains information collection, usage and sharing practices in detail.

Lawful access. We may share account or transactional information when required by law, regulation or court order; to report policy violations; or during corporate changes like mergers & acquisitions.

Communications. We may contact you by email regarding account status, transactions, policy changes, suspensions or terminations related to Music Go Round. Change alert preferences in account settings.

Security. While we aim to protect platform access, transmissions and data, no security measures are guaranteed preventative. Implement strong login credentials, avoid phishing attempts, use secure devices, and notify us of any suspected unauthorized access related to your account.

13. Account Management

Account controls. Manage account settings like saved listings and alerts through your online member dashboard. Keep billing data, shipping addresses and payment methods up-to-date for a smooth experience.

Closing accounts. You may deactivate your account by emailing support@musicgoroundstore.com. For buyers with open orders or sellers with active listings, account closure may be delayed pending transaction completion.

Account termination. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate member privileges based on policy violations, prohibited behavior, extended inactivity, or suspected fraud after reasonable attempt at notification. Expired accounts may be irrecoverable.

14. Governing Law

These Conditions constitute the entire agreement governing use of Music Go Round. They are interpreted under the laws of the State of Michigan without regard to conflicts provisions. For questions or notices, please contact legal@musicgoroundstore.com. Thank you for choosing Music Go Round!